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Is this normal? Early onset mid-life crisis? WTF?

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who's talking about fear and misanthropy? I'm talking about a lack of motivation to strive for the things i'm told as a society we need to strive for. I'm trying to detach myself from others' fear and misanthropy.

Paranoid? Egocentric?

I responded to the OP, well part for the OPs issues. I did not read anything else.

general dislike of the human species in general.... a realization that people, myself included, just generally suck for the most part.... the societal structure that we live in... IE. consume, acquire, go to work, accrue debt, repeat.... feelings that seem to get stronger and stronger as the days go by...

This pretty much defines misanthropy though there are many varying degrees, definitions (reasons for hate/mistrust, extent of teh feelings). Even you wanting to detach in a sense and go after teh simple life is exactly what misanthropists do. However they do vary, to say you're a misanthropist doesn't mean you ahte everyone, all the time. Or that you are going to go live by yourself until you die, completeley isolated from society, there are degrees, It's simply saying you're at a realizations that often humans hurt us more than help, get in the way more than help you, are wasteful destroying creatures with possesions that don't mean anything but humans think they do...people find themselves thinkging they do...Again, that is not to say all humans, just the majority and if this hasn't been your experience then more than likley you are a ucky bastard but hopefully not ignorant because you shoudl realize this is the common, general human experience. Definetley deals with misanthropy in a sense. Much more common in western cultures.

I am clinically helping poeple right now (although very new to it) and I see much much worse...I'm talking poeple who need to do excersises before they interact with other people.

Misanthropy is the general hatred, mistrust or disdain of the human species or human nature....

In Western philosophy, misanthropy has been connected to isolation from human society. In Plato's Phaedo, Socrates defines the misanthrope in relation to his fellow man: "Misanthropy develops when without art one puts complete trust in somebody thinking the man absolutely true and sound and reliable and then a little later discovers him to be bad and unreliable...

arise partly from dislike and partly from ill-will..misanthropy does not necessarily equate with an inhumane attitude towards humanity...more of a criticism of conformity rather than people in general...

http://en.wikipedia....iki/Misanthropy (yea wiki...buts its just a definition and not really broad enough anyhow) these are theories.

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What you are proposing is not easy to execute. My father is trying to do it but he is willing to go without even more than you. He has found 17 acres in South Carolina not far from Asheville for $110,000. He hasn't sprung yet but his goal is to buy the land, build a small house, solar power, rain water collection, and wood/gas heat. No Air Conditioning. There is no power out there, no over the air tv, nor cable tv, maybe direct tv, no water. You have to learn to live without those things or engineer them yourself. You can get something called an "air card" for basic web browsing over cell towers but you probably won't be streaming Panther games on it.

I think there are literally Billions of unhappy people in the world right now. But literally thousands of people run the world right now. It doesn't matter who we vote for, it doesn't matter if we stop shopping at wal mart, it doesn't matter if we ride a bike to work, we are all just insignificant pieces in the machine. I try to pull as much love and joy out of my family because it's the only thing in the world that is unique to me. Thousands of people own the shirt I'm wearing, millions drive the car I drive, but I am my parents only son and my nieces dearest uncle. That is where I find peace with life. And the Panthers of course.

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Somewhere out there is a man who has lived on a farm his whole life. He is sitting there wondering why he didn't do more with his life...

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So, the past several years I have kinda gotten bogged down in my general dislike of the human species in general (even though I have a huge, tender heart)... It isn't really a depression or anything, but more like a realization that people, myself included, just generally suck for the most part.

Paired with that is this desire to be away from the societal structure that we live in... IE. consume, acquire, go to work, accrue debt, repeat. I feel drawn towards nature. The quiet and stillness of the darkness of night in the country. The lapping of water around my ankles on a beach somewhere. Watching my son discover the outside world.

I'm only recently 32 years old, but I have all kinds of feelings that seem to get stronger and stronger as the days go by. I've re-read Walden in the past few years, and that has been an infulence on this whole situation, I think.

I look around and see all the bullshit objects that I have obtained, or collected, throughout the years. Most of them simply exist, and serve no purpose other than existing. I sit in front of the TV at night and, if I'm even watching what's on, let it amplify my desire to get away from it all.

My home is like 2,400 sq. ft. I feel like that is entirely too much space for myself, my wife, and my son.

The latest thoughts I have been having are that I should sell my house, or at least rent it, and buy a tract of land somewhere and build my own small home. I'm talking, at the very most, just over 1,000 sq ft. (probably closer to 800 if I could get away with it). It would be completely energy and utility independent, except for maybe TV/internet service (not for me, primarily), and have very little environmental impact.

Part of the problem with that idea would be getting my wife to go along with it. I also have some pretty close family that I'd like to stay close to, but buying land and such might move me further away than I'd like to be.

Anyone else out there dream of going smaller with their lives or some sort of similar drastic change?

WTF is going on here?!?!? lol

did it, and traveled the world for a but, found out that I can put anything I really need in life into one duffle bag and a backpack things included was my computer, iPod, 3 books my whitewater gear and the rest was close and toiletries, was some of the better times of my life when I didn't have too much junk.

I'm currently trying to down size my total possessions to what I used when I traveled. So far so good either sold, given/thrown away half the pure pointless junk in my life

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