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SZ James (banned)

PSA: Snopes it before you post it

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SZ James (banned)    5,191

Why do I have the feeling I missed an awesome thread?

this wasn't re: anything in particular

I've just seen that argument posted here and elsewhere but the main point here is to fact check your stuff people.

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pstall    5,759

i proposed to facebook that they should have a credibility meter ala ebay. so if you post something about a particular topic, somewhere you see a meter of your reputation of how accurate you are/credibility etc.

they go great idea and our people will call your people.

so if it blows up. oh nevermind.

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what happens when you post that "obamacare" isn't socialized medicine and dumb fox news watchers decide that you're wrong?

there's actually a case study on this called reddit where a bunch of man-children get together and vote for their favorite sexualized children, misogynistic jokes, and neoliberal bullshit; surprisingly poo seems to rise to the top as terrible people seek validation for their own terrible beliefs

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rippadonn    791

research is anathema to like 90% of huddle posters so hey pin it do whatever but it's not going to change anything

If a guy sees something on mainstream media and all the way up to the event there is heavy coverage and after the story is done and the hype is gone there's not much more about it until March then I am guilty. I can admit that.

I apologize to your sensibilities for the insult. My bad. If I misspeak or missprelll please excuse me. If I forget something please forgive me.

I'm not going to make fun of your life if you share it with me. Anything that I can get from that conversation adds to my understanding. I don't share actual events in my life to offend anybody. If I've offended you somehow I'm sorry about that. That is not my intention.

I'm not here to lie to you. If at times I don't talk about football excuse me. Maybe I don't know anything about that either. I share because I care. I care about your opinion too, oddly. One thing I'll never be is an ars about it.

This isn't a historical record here. It's a friggin' chat room. Not. that. serious. If you don't believe it do your own research and come to your own understanding. That simple.

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TbTeRRoR    195

I got no problem with snopes... but let me ask you WHO THE FRIG CAN VERIFY THEY ARE RIGHT PSSH INTERNET SNOPING IS BELIEVING! L O L I dont believe half the junk you see on here. Isn't snopes.com owner someone tied up in media / politics that makes their "debunking" of issues sensitive to them very suspect.

If snoping convinces you well then to each his own.

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