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CJ Leslie Saved a Physically Disabled Man from Being Trampled to Death?

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If so, awesome story...

But, the picture itself looks like he's kind of like "ehh, uncomfortable, let go." Anyone know/see anything else about this anywhere? I've read/heard stuff elsewhere, including stuff said on The Mike Gottfried radio show that implied Leslie wasn't exactly a "take the lead" type of guy.

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Wow... It wasn't as much about Leslie as much as it was that I questioned if this guy was just an extreme fan, but this sounds like a legit/great story. From the Huffpost:

Will Privette, an N.C. State student who has been in a wheelchair his whole life, was one of the first students who made it on to the court. According to ThePostGame.com, the 22-year-old senior was born without a tibia.

Privette turned out to be okay, thanks in part to Wolfpack star C.J. Leslie.

"I got hit from one side. It was like a wave. It toppled me over. I fell out of my wheelchair. I was on the ground, and I had my phone in my hand -- I was trying to film the event -- and the phone flew out of my hands and my glasses flew off my face," Privette told USA Today Sports. "C.J. Leslie was in the middle (of the crowd) and he saw me. I knew him from being around campus. He pushed everyone back and told everyone, 'Get back, get back.' Once everyone moved and realized what was going on, he picked me up and I've described it as like how you'd hold a baby. Once I realized I wasn't in trouble any more, I started to scream, like 'Wooooo! Let's go!'"

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