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Bobcats pursuing Rudy Gay

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Emiliano Carchia @SportandoBasket about 5 minutes ago

Bobcats aggressively pursuing Rudy Gay

Read more: http://hoopshype.com/twitter/media.html#ixzz2IQxjERI1


My question is- WHY?

I have to assume Diop's 7 mil coming off the books has to be dangled out there, along with a young SF to replace Gay (Taylor) and probably throw a 1st rounder in there too.. even then, probably not enough, so Hendo or Sessions.. bleh, please let this not happen

we shuda just got him instead of Morrison in the draft..

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I don't understand why Memphis is actively shipping their assets when they are one of the better teams in the West. I know his contract extension was ludicrous, so maybe buyer's remorse and they are looking to unload money as a small market team.

I wouldn't mind Gay, but they better not be pursuing as aggressively as they are making it seem.

Diop, Hendo and Portland's first would be unrealistically satisfying.

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Considering gay has been shopped for a few weeks now and this is the first anyone has said that the 'cats are interested...hopefully its Cho just exploring all options. Going after gay fits the bobcats of old rather than the current administration under Cho...I believe its too deep into cho's process to turn back now. The only way I would feel comfortable is if the cats don't give up their first this year (give one of the protected picks like Portland), or kemba and mkg, and the grizzilies offer to pay some of gays contract. They may be willing to do that if they are so desperate for salary relief. Imo

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I'd do it. Give them Hendo, Thomas, Diop, Mullens, and Portland's first

edit: actually that is probably too much for a guy that's career average is only 17 ppg but something like that.

edit #2: Okay, I just looked deeper into it and we better not trade for him. Just going off of his money and the fact that he plays MKG's position and that he is having the worst season of his career. I now think for this to happen they would have to throw in more. Like a first round and a good young player.

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Memphis is looking to unload Gay in loom of the luxury tax. His contract is horrible! So with financial relief being the main reason to get rid of him, I don't believe they're looking for a WOW package. Still, im not so sure I love an MKG/Gay pairing on the wings, yessss, MKG can guard 2's, but on offense, that would put a huge spotlight on the most limited part of his game, SHOOTING guard.

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