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The Tebow Project

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I have tebowmania superchristians on my newsfeed on facebook that can't get enough of timmy. I frequently get in massive debates, but it's an exercise in futility. they are impervious to reason. after the broncos lost the two of them jump on in unison and declare that this proves The Golden Calf of Bristol is a better quarterback than peyton manning "because at least The Golden Calf of Bristol won a playoff game."

they are literally fuging retarded

I also had a problem with people saying The Golden Calf of Bristol won a playoff game, and the Broncos failing to due so this year. The way I see it, if you have a bye week, you automatically have a playoff victory in a sense, because you're in the second round of play. People are just crazy like that, even The Golden Calf of Bristol's brother tried to play that card. Plus Peyton took that team a whole lot further than The Golden Calf of Bristol. (Yet to be fair to The Golden Calf of Bristol, he didn't play the whole season with them.)

I just want to see The Golden Calf of Bristol with Chip Kelly. Kelly's offense is The Golden Calf of Bristol's last chance at success in my opinion. I want to see if Chip and The Golden Calf of Bristol can create a whole new system. (Systems like the run & shoot offense and the Tampa two defense weren't always around. Can these two guys create a new system?)

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