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Ronald Reagan

Algeria Siege Ends in Bloodshed

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pstall    5,759

if snarky bitterness was ever taxed, some of ya'll would be some broke mofo's


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Darth Biscuit    12,579

Again, the pres gets too much credit for good stuff and too much blame for bad.

Not sure how Obama plays into the events in Algeria much at all.

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Davidson Deac II    4,344

Didn't you give the Taliban their weapons, Ron?

So the Taliban are using weapons from the 1980's? If so, they should be much easier to defeat.

A look at Weapons confiscation

Today the blog will turn back to this pursuit with another sampling of data from Marja, the area in Helmand Province that has seen some of the most sustained insurgent fighting of 2010. In this case, early this summer, the civilian law enforcement liaison working with the Marines of Third Battalion, Sixth Marines, along with the battalion’s gunner, had in their custody 26 firearms and an RPG-7 launcher captured from Taliban fighters or collected from caches.

Of these weapons, 12 were variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, 8 were bolt-action rifles from World War II or earlier, 4 were variants of the PK machine gun, and 2 were small semiautomatic pistols. This was in some ways a typical mix for Afghanistan, although the ratio of bolt-action rifles was higher than what many units outside of Helmand Province have seen.

Maybe we should blame FDR.

The Taliban didn't really get weapons from us during the Reagan era. Thats a myth coming from the left. IF they did, it was more along the lines of trades or weapons recovered from others. Most of our weapons we supplied to Afghanistan went to the forces that eventually became the Northern Alliance.

Btw, what have the Taliban got to do with Algeria?

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