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Should doctors be accountable for gun violence?

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When you threaten docs with malpractice constantly, they typically overreach and order all tests in sort of a CYA move.

Are we headed for a day when, to avoid any prosecution and being better safe than sorry, docs will report many folks with any mental health issue as dangerous?

What if you take an anti depressant? Should you be able to own a gun? What if, like years before, a study on Prozac made it look dangerous? Just saying that to save their careers, will docs be put in a position where "they" are the decision makers for many Americans on guns?

Hey, if we can discuss Obama being transported to Mars, we can discuss the wisdom or not and the best administration of such a program.

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if i understand tinderbox logic. and i like to think that i do. then what that means is only the docs who lean to the right or show any element of conservative values will be accountable.

the left leaning docs don't have to be held to the same standard of accountability.

yeah that sounds about right.

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saying someone proved your point when what they said was clearly unrelated to your point is like a 5th grade argument tactic.

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