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Who is Jim Harbaugh?

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 10:43 PM

How much further down the rabbit hole can we go?

13 pages full off FP not knowing wtf he's talking about.

Please, by all means enlighten me. You say I don't know, but no one presents any goddamn evidence aside from his win-loss record, which is NOT an infallible indicator of coaching acumen (or do you want to say Dalton > Cam?)

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 11:11 PM

See, that's a logical fallacy though. You can do that for almost any college coach that makes the jump to the NFL, because they only get the opportunity if they were winning a lot at the lower level. His college career is irrelevant.

What I'm looking at is purely his pro career, and I do not see an elite coach. A good one, yes. Elite, no. Even if we assume he has outstanding leadership skills and motivational acumen those traits only get you so far: you have to be able to actually provide a schematic advantage for your team. Right now I see Ditka 2.0: a guy who ends up in a fortuitous situation, with good coordinators and lots of surrounding talent who is riding it like he invented football. But that's my unpopular opinion, although I really wish someone someone would actually refute my assertations for a change rather than just say "no, because wins."

Because winning early isn't an infallible indicator of a good coach, as George Siefert can attest.


But we do know, from reporters, players, other coaches, friends, support staff, etc., (either during or after their tenure), how good a job these coaches really do. It's the proverbial, who earns their record, vs the coaches who were just fortunate for other reasons (good/inspired players, Coordinator or 'Right Hand Man' doing most of the HC work for him, Players running the team, extreme Luck and good fortune--despite the HC incompetence and poor work habits/judgement, Great GM, etc.). You get the idea/where I'm coming from. These things don't happen in a vacuum.

If Harbaugh is as bad or unimportant as you allude to, I'm sure people close to the situation would know and chat about this. Fans who follow the team would hear the murmurs and the rumors. And of course, eventually the reporters, sources, insiders, etc., would start spilling the beans to the public in varying fashion. And of course, there's the GAME TAPE!

However, you hide behind the general premise, 'no on can prove to me outside his record that he's a great coach'. This presumes, anyone here cares enough to stalk the internet seeking various positive statements regarding Harbaugh's coaching, as if you'd care, listen, not back down and validate it anyway. Remember, you're the one making the accusations here. And Harbaugh's the one with excellent achievement and the sterling reputation. So where's YOUR evidence!!??

In other words, as much as you ask for 'the evidence'. You can't prove he's a bad coach either. So if we go by his record; the recent turn around he's been involved with; the improved QB play, and the fact that he's currently going to the SuperBaugh, we can only conclude he's a good--to very good coach, until proven otherwise......According to you, it was 2-3 years from now, when he starts losing when we'll find out for sure. However, couldn't some one say to you at the time, if or when that happens, "just cause he has a losing record, it doesn't mean he's a bad coach?"

Ya dig? They're just certain things in life we have to accept, until shown the evidence/proven otherwise.

Deal with it.

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 03:29 AM

Safe to say this thread has gone dildos yes?

OP took care of that in the initial making of this thread.