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Gil Brandt ranks Cam 7th best QB under 30

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If either one of you assholes want to buy me season tix I'll gladly watch Cam from the stands. kthxbai

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Unless you're speaking about when you're at the games, I call BS on this.

Cam always looked over film and sat down with Shula from day one (win or lose).

However, the media created this false image of Cam, by showing him on the sidelines with his towel (which he does regardless of how the game is going or how he's doing), while they show other QB's talking to their teammates and coaches. Cam was no different. However television chose to show him sitting alone. Of course, as of late they show him more now with his coaches. But that doesn't take away from the fact that he had did this before.

Now Cam is not perfect. However, many of the things he gets called on, other QB's do the same thing and it never gets brought up or mentioned. That's what some Cam backers have a problem with.

The leader thing is overrated as well. If the Panthers had a real head coach (Rivera is learning his job more than Cam actually), the leadership would start from the top and everyone on the team would know their roles and place. It's easy to be a leader when your team is winning and you have stability at the top from a head coach who knows what he's doing and is in control of his team. Rivera was not, and the job, both on and off the field got away from him.

Remember, Rivera himself has mentioned to the media, that he should have hired a former HC to help him out with the job. How do you expect Cam to be a leader, when the Head Coach doesn't know what's he's doing, and the team is losing or underachieving? It's not the same.

This is all bull. I havent been brain washed by the media.

I've watched quarterbacks like Brady and Peyton and Rodgers do everything besides go straight to the bench after they come off of the field. Peyton especially. He is always talking with his coaches and O-line and receivers and standing up, watching his defense play.

I am 24... basically the same age as Cam. I have matured so much from the time I first started working full time around 3 years ago. I can only imagine how difficult the NFL is for a young 21 year old. I HAVE watched Cam mature over the past 2 years. He's getting older and gaining experience- much like everyone in the work force.

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