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Dpantherman won

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That maybe true. Probably more than maybe. But until other teams get busted for that, FUG the Aints. And how are you ok with Cam being part of those bounties? I guess it's ok with you because it's part of the game, right? Well, how about I put a bounty on you? I wouldn't because you're a Panther fan. Oh. Fug Sean Payton, too.

It's a part of the game. If it was done by one team and it gave them an unfair advantage of everyone else I'd be pissed but they all do it and saints just got caught twice and got what they deserved, a wasted season. But as for cam. I'm not too worried man is built like god himself and can't take the best of hits. Like in the last game of the season. What's he do? Just bounces back unlike RGknee

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