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Brooklyn Bully

Worst team names in sports

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I don't think the team actually uses the Panther enough in its packaging. Sure it's the logo, but that's about the end of it. The Vikings have their whole thing, and the Eagles and Bucs are also good at working in the stuff their team is named after. Even the Falcons pay tribute to their mascot by flying high above the radar and diving at the last minute.

Panthers are awesome animals and they should work that in more to how the team is presented.

Could be because there aren't actually any panthers in the Carolinas.

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Los Angeles Panthers just sounds so much better.

LA is to an NFL team as a desperate fat chick with huge tits is to the hot guy in high school. Y'all get fugged, degraded, then left.

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I like our name. Scary animals are always the best nicknames.

Think about it like this...would you want to be locked in a small room with a Panther or a Lion or a Bear? Or even a Giant or a Pirate for that matter?

Compare that with a Duck (Oregon) or a Rooster (SC). Not very scary at all. Most likely they would end up saving you a trip to the market to find something for dinner.

So no, we shouldn't be anywhere on this list.

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