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Titans want to hire Gregg Williams

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    • Is it Cam simply refusing to go underneath or is it a number of contributing factors? We are a running/downfield passing team. The problem was, we couldn't get the run game going due to the OL, and our play calling/design didn't help matters at times to compensate for that deficiency either. Nobody complained about this in 2015 when we nearly went undefeated. So what was the difference between seasons? It couldn't have had anything to do with our depleted OL could it? Overall we shot ourselves in the foot too many times in 2016 in various ways. But the reality is the OL was at the center of our woes.
    • What you’re saying doesn’t make sense.  The society we have now, was structured based completely on race.  That number I mentioned concerning the black prison population, there is no way in the universe you can get that number without being directly targeted.  Even during South Africa Apartheid, their prison numbers in the black population wasn’t as bad, nowhere near close.  This is our country. The only way to truly make things right, is to acknowledge the problem and addressed it specifically.  The reason why we see protests like the one Kaepernick did, is because that problem hasn’t been addressed.  Of course I have my answer on how to address it, but I’m sure most would completely disagree with it, even though the statistics would show it is much deserved.
    • Taylor Moton is a big man. He's a very athletic 300lb+ tackle who moves around defenders like they're nothing. He appears to have a bright future in shoring up our tackle spot, and likely dominate in the NFL. However, an underrated aspect of Moton is just how intelligent he really is. When you think of Memorial Day weekend plans, you think of barbecues and hanging out with friends and family. However, Moton plans include a lot of study and filmwork. Just take a look: Taylor Moton seems to be ready to soak in all the information he can muster to get ready to compete in Training Camp. An intelligent big guy with a bright future in the NFL.