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Does Rondo's Injury Make Kemba an All-Star?

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Didn't mean to give you pie, but oh well lol.

Unfortunately you are right. Jennings will get the spot, and while he is a good PG... Kemba is having the better individual season. Jenning's team is much better though.

Well, here's some Pie back. lol.

As a bobcats season ticket holder, i would love it if Kemba was a allstar. But yeah, Jennings will get it

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carpanfan96    1,468

Kemba while having a really good season and currently sits at 6th in the eastern conference among guards in Efficiency ratings. For Efficiency/48 he sits at 9th. Jennings is just as deserving as Kemba and is having just as good of a season on a better team.

Rondo, Irving, Holiday, Wade, Williams, Walker, Jennings, Nelson, Lowry, Ellis are the top ten in Efficiency.

Lowry, Wade, Irving, Wall, Rondo, Holiday, Calderon, Williams, Walker, Robinson are the top ten in Efficiency/48.

In assist Walker is 11th behind Rondo, Holiday, Williams, Jennings, Nelson, Wall, Calderon and Lowry.

In points Walker is 6th behind Irving, Wade, Holiday, Ellis and Jennings.

In steals Walker is 2nd behind Jennings.

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