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Seriously, fug this state(voter id)

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yes discussing racial inequality is totally "unproductive" we should start doing productive things like gambling on the stock market and incoherently rambling under the pseudonym "pstall"

Why has every post you have made lately been some sort of insult or cut down ?

Chill out dude, get laid, smoke some weed, something. fug you are the most angst riddled person on this forum.

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I am of the exact opposite of that opinion. I think politicians do nothing more than thumb their collective noses at the electorate while carrying out their own agendas.

IMO, ancedotal evidence seems to indicate that the arguments in washington among democrats and republicans mirror those on the tinderbox. Or vice versa.

I think that 30 years ago, we had Senators like Sam Ervin, Sam Nunn, Howard Baker and Bob Dole, Senators who knew the value of compromise and working together. Now with a multitude of news shows with nothing to do, much more of what a Senator or a house member does is discussed for hours upon hours by pundits, so the appearance of compromise or moderation is likely to get one kicked out, ala Richard Lugar. And this is one thing the republicans have a worse time with than do the democrats.

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