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MHS831    4,865

This. No mock right now matters, I just hadn't seen anyone let Star fall this far and I doubt it would happen. I wouldnt mind waiting to fill this position in the 2nd but if he is sitting there, I'm sure he would be considered.

I agree. Even if we go into tihe draft seeking a WR or a LT in the first round, if a player of this caliber falls to you, you take him and adjust. People forget, the concept behind the BPA is he makes your team better. Then you can wheel and deal (unless you had a GM who locked your players down so tight that they have no tade value) and move players.

Imagine if Beason were not injured and that Marty had not decided to make him the highest paid LB in NFL history (idiot). We could trade Beason for a ton. I am stil pissed at Marty Hurney, if you cannot tell. I blame JR too for employing an idiot and giving him the credit card.

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Captain Morgan    11,952

let's say it plays out the way he says...

we could take Star, Lane, Fluker, or Allen...all of whom have been hailed by huddlers as our must-have pick.

If Lane does well in the combine, I think I'd take him

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Peppers90 NC    3,050

I don't even see Glennon as a first round QB, he's just way too inconsistent and his showing at the Senior Bowl really exemplified that.

yea if he is the second best qb in this draft then teams needing qb's are in deep doo-doo. makes last years draft look so much better.

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