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Huddle Fantasy Football Signup.

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These are the excuses I expect to hear this year.


For those that live in glass houses...:reddevil:


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As for format Rock

It's 4 leagues, number of players is depending on how many sign up here, but 4 leagues.

Team setup is the following

16 Players, Each league under the mega league gets a draft.

If anyone who played last year wants any restrictions on team builds let me know. From looking at last year, you could have 3 QB, 3 RB, 5 WR, 2 TE, 1 PK, 2 Def, so if anyone wants restrictions let me know.

I wasn't around last year and I don't know the payment for winning the playoffs for the uber-league. That's Pryde's area there, he's handling all the pay pal stuff. I'll ask to find out, but I'm sure 5158 would be happy to answer that for you.

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Back again.

Would be helpful later on if the scoring for the league could be posted a couple of weeks before the draft.

Scoring is different in this league than my other one.

I'm old. I need time to review.


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As soon as we get upwards of 36 or so I will pay $160 for the league (appx) and Carpanfan96 can start assigning teams. If you have any questions about the league visit last years site,


It is NOT free. Don't sign up unless you have $20 available before the deadline, usually mid-August. I will give a mailing address for those that don't have paypal or they can make the $20 donation to [email protected] . Winnings are determined by amount of teams less expenses. So, 48 teams x $20 = $960 less the $160 for the site and less about $5 for paypal charges = the prize pool of around $795. Again, look at last year to see how that was divided. The money is paypalled out right away as previous winners can confirm.

The past two years we have capped out at 48. We can do it with less but 48 works best for the schedule. Spread the word but we also like to keep it to Huddle account members as the sweetest prize is usually the bragging rights. What would 5158 do without Panthro to Lord it over???

Sign up but remember that you are making a commitment. pm carpanfan96 or ask any questions

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This topic is now closed to further replies.