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Armed guard stopped the Atlanta school shooter

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A student opened fire at his middle school Thursday afternoon, wounding a 14-year-old in the neck before an armed officer working at the school was able to get the gun away, police said.

Multiple shots were fired in the courtyard of Price Middle School just south of downtown around 1:50 p.m. and the one boy was hit, Atlanta Police Chief George Turner said. In the aftermath, a teacher received minor cuts, he said.


The wounded boy was aken "alert, conscious and breathing" to Grady Memorial Hospital, said police spokesman Carlos Campos. He was expected to be released Thursday night.

Police swarmed the school of about 400 students after reports of the shooting while a crowd of anxious parents gathered in the streets, awaiting word on their children. Students were kept at the locked-down school for more than two hours before being dismissed.

Investigators believe the shooting was not random and that something occurred between the two students that may have led to it.

Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis said the school does have metal detectors.

"The obvious question is how did this get past a metal detector?" Davis asked about the gun. "That’s something we do not know yet."

The armed resource officer who took the gun away was off-duty and at the school, but police didn’t release details on him or whether he is regularly at Price. Since 20 children and six adults were shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in December, calls for armed officers in every school have resonated across the country.

Great idea NRA!

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Not if he had drawn down on the kid who just dropped the gun rather than getting blown away.

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False flag by the NRA to push their agenda. Big deal.

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so giving kids condoms at school is for "protection" because abstinence is unrealistic. yet, having armed guards for "protection" is unrealistic?

and somehow background checks and smaller magazines is the answer?

no armed guards at schools but if we have more strict gun laws etc, it will weed out the people that randomly want to go to school AND, if they do go, they will smaller magazines or less bullets or not quite as a high powered of a weapon.

so while they are starting to shoot at the school, while they are loading again, it will give the school time to tell the police who are somewhere else to go to the school in time to stop the already screened shooter from hurting anyone?

yes, im making an extreme point but i don't think this scenario is too far off.

in short. abstinence is only good for gun owners, protection is not. but abstinence is bad for kids, but protection is good. LOL

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There were armed officers at every public school I went to, are we going to pretend this is a new idea?

No, you are to pretend it's an awful idea because the NRA suggested it.

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