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Cary Kollins

Stephen King talks about the sequel to "The Shining"

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Some years back, ABC essentially handed King a blank check and said "choose any of your works and we'll make it into a miniseries for you."

With blank check in hand, he chose a do-over of The Shining.

That oughtta tell ya how much he hated the movie, and more specifically, Jack Nicholson's performance.

King's complaint about Nicholson was that he wasn't believable as a good guy turning bad. He came off as a bad guy from the get go. And honestly, I'll give him that. To fix it, he chose a highly likable actor for the role of the ultimately mad father. It was Steven Weber (Wings) who ended up playing bad dad Jsck while the (much hotter than Shelley Duvall) Rebecca DeMornay was cast as Wendy. Courtland Mead was the kid.

King also chose to create the living topiaries from the book rather than use the jedge maze. For my part, I thought that was a mistake. The maze was way more creepy.

Regarding King in general, my long criticism of him has been that he comes up with great premises for books, but he rarely finds a good way to end them, Generally speaking, his endings flat out suck.

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