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Warren Moon, Doug Williams on CBS Sports In Detail On Cam, R. Wilson, RG3, Kaepernick (A Bit) & Legacy

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yeah most have bray around 3-4 rounds. same with matt. geno is the only one stil in the top 25.

I think Dalton iand Kaepernick set the standard for what you pray to find in the second round, and I agree with you. It is hard to say about value for QBs because I expect Geno to go early--maybe first overall. I also expect another QB to go in the first.

Arizona nor Buffalo have ever really reached in the first round for a QB. I think one will, probably Buffalo. Of the remaining QBs, who is most seasoned and ready for a pro-style offense? Matt Barkley. However, I think (hunch) they could trade up with KC and get Smith. That is my wild prediction.

The reason I think Buffalo might move up is because Buddy Nix (GM) said they would. The statement was made, based on timing, to the fans, not the other teams (bluff). I think he wants a run/pass threat, and Smth is the best in that area.

Then again, Buddy did not say which round. As he studies the draft, he might decide that value at QB can be found by trading down into the bottom of the first; you are not going to see a team in the bottom half of the draft take a QB, so by trading down, you get the QB you want before the teams at the top of the second round start feeding on the QBs who are there.

So, to my point: Barkley (to me) is as good as several other QBs taken in the top 10 in recent years, however, you could argue that most have underperformed. Have teams learned their lesson? I doubt it. Barkey, Glennon, Bray, --just about all QBs after Smith should not get drafted until day 3. If one rises, I say it is Barkley or Glennon.

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