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Cam Newton, ESPN's Mike Hill Interview, Skit, Joking around On Couch

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It starts off slow. But is actually quite funny, reasonably informative and entertaining.

I'm gonna leave three links. One of them works, but has no comments so far. And the the other one, says it sending your private info, so I skipped it (probably why they set up the 2nd account, which I'm going to link first). Here it is:


Here's the one with more views and comments that wants your personal info (if it even works) You can just read the comments: https://www.youtube....h?v=ziCtnCSWAms

Here's the group page (both results with other Cam 2013 SB related Results): https://www.youtube....uery=cam newton

Note: The 6th video down (0:19 sec) is Cam dunking NBC reporter, Jenna Wolfe with a Gatorade Tub at the SB.

The photo was posted on the Cam PFT, etc. thread. Now, you get a better look at the young lady's "ahem" Assets. lol

Here's the direct link/video of Cam dunking ABC New Orleans reporter, Jeanna Wolfe. Mmhh, tasty. Lol

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It's funny that Mr. Hill knows all of Cam's commercials.

Also, Cam has quite a shudder but it's part of who he is. "Pound cake...French fries." This kid does know how to make you laugh.

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