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Super Bowl XLVII thread

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rscott94    662

man jennifer hudson, alicia keys, beyonce. they got the all star fine black women singers

The Rooney Rule being put to work

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NanuqoftheNorth    7,925

I'm so tired of watching this game year after year. Time to get your crap together Richardson and build a winning franchise. This is pitiful. Baltimore is younger than us and has already built themselves a reputation as an historic team.

Here's a hint Panther fans:

Keeping goofy uniforms long after they look dated doesn't make you vintage. It doesn't make you seem as if you're a storied franchise. An owner is who committed to building a respected winning organization at any cost does.

Agree to a point, JR left this team in the hands of incompetent management for way too long (hopefully that is changing), but the Ravens/Browns organization should not be considered new, regardless of the official NFL record books, it has been around since 1944.

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