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Is Ray Lewis really a top 5 linebacker?

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awesome rant i read. Note:i don't agree with all of it or necessarily any of it lol

He was charged with obstruction of justice in a case where there were no other suspects outside of his crew, after his girlfriend burned his white suit he was wearing the evening in question. I don't think he murdered two people, I think he held two people still while they were murdered. He returned from a season ending injury in 10 weeks at age 37 and yet no one in the media talks about how he might be taking steroids. He's a narcissist who cries every time he's on camera, repeats roughly the 10 same "inspirational" words, and thinks god devotes roughly 40% of time to him. He does a ridiculous dance before every game, prior to which the grounds crew puts fake sod on the field for him to rip up, much the same way hulk hogan would rip a pre cut tshirt off before every match. He was easily the worst player on the field during the sb. Haters gonna...make perfectly reasonable accusations

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Yeah. So there was also no HGH and steroids like today either. You are boasting about the present without giving proper credence to the past. I judge a players greatness by how much they dominate their ERA. Not getting into hypothetical what if he played in the 2000s. That's not the point. They played when they played. You act like i'm hating Ray. I could give two shits. I'm just not stroking his cock like some of you. If everyone was slower and smaller back then it was an even playing field.

Less rules to hurt defenders? Refs don't call poo on Ole Ray anyway.

players weren't doped up on pills and possibly roids and what not back in the 60's, 70's and 80's? The NFL had no drug testing back then and were very soft on illegal substances.

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You can't compare players from different eras saying player X is faster or stronger than player Y, etc. If the players from 50 years ago were playing now, they would have the same streghth, conditioning and nutrition programs that are availabe now...making them bigger and faster then they were.

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Probably is a top 5 all time at ILB.

IMO you can't compare ILB's to OLB's, especially when talking about the differences of the 43 and 34.

Totally different positions.

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