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Mr. Scot

Miss California stripped of title

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The media in general usually comes out with left leaning slants when hot button issues are involved.

Right wing extremists shoots jews and blacks

Miss California breaking her contract.

It is only a day or so later that you hear the white supremisist hated Bush, McCain, Neo Cons etc.

And, a day or so later, you hear the details of Miss CA. More details might continue to come out incriminating her, but you just cannot trust most media outlets with their zest for the sensational. And nowadays, the documented zest for Obama.

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Saw those clowns on TV when it happened. So obvious all those reasons were Full on lies. Most people are horrible liars but it was on the idiot box it has to be true.

<-- Hateful Bigot

Threat to Peace

Political Terrorist

Religious Terrorist....to be continued

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