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The Golden Child

Panthers sign WR

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Okay then. There's our WR. At least we are bringing in the talent to upgrade a position. Keep those upgrades coming. One down, mphh more to go.

Even if he is twice as good as his ranking he would still only be avg. Is he somebodies nephews' kid? Pity hire kinda thing. Let him experience the process, and go through OTAs and summer school as practice targets for the QBs and ST plays.

On the other hand. You only get 80 guys into TC. If they brought in a WR, they must of had a reason. Can he beat out Green or Bryant? How about Pilares or Adams? Lafell or Smitty? Throw in Armanti and that is 7 WRs. So if they brought this guy in it was either as camp fodder, or they see something. If it is the first, have as much fun as you can kid. If it is the latter, gotta keep an eye on him.

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