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2013 Mock Draft (As of February 15)

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Problem is, by this logic (I pushed it to 15 instead of 5) we've swung and missed on every pick except Kemba and for a couple years, Okafor.

Bobcats' top-15 draft picks:

Emeka Okafor

Raymond Felton

Sean May

Adam Morrison

Brandan Wright (traded)

D.J. Augustin

Gerald Henderson

Bismack Biyombo (SAC picked him for us)

Kemba Walker

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

That is terrible.

The difference between a top 5 pick and and pick in the 10-15 range though is immense in the NBA. Hell, there is even a big difference between the 2nd pick and the 5th pick. Even well run teams are lucky to get a rotation player with the 15th pick, but good teams do not miss on top 5 picks.

Bobcats problem is they have had few top 5 picks (leading to fewer opportunities to land a game changing player), and have missed the opportunities when they had them. Luck (both in the lottery and in the year) plays a much bigger role than people want to admit too- honestly, the only truly bad picks on that list are Morrison, Augustin, and maybe Felton. The others were more or less inconsequential in the big picture because of where the bobcats were drafting

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My draft wish would be Anthony Bennett or McLemore or Oladipo.... Contrary to popular commentary on the talent this year I feel like there are some real finds in the draft. We need to look at players with HIGH Energy and Strong Competitiveness. That is the reason I am liking Anthony Bennett more and more...He looks like a BEAST

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