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“100% certain”: 9/11 author was killed in black ops hit

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CatofWar    1,063


Philip Marshall, Alex Marshall, and Macaila Marshall , RIP. We’ll do what we can to bust the scumbags who did this to you.

After a week-long on-site investigation, former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen is “100% certain” that 9/11 investigator and author Philip Marshall and his two children were killed in a black ops hit. Madsen’s conclusion is that the cover story – an alleged murder-suicide – is transparently absurd.

Madsen stated his conclusions on yesterday’s Kevin Barrett show. Among the evidence cited by Madsen:

*Neighbors’ houses are “practically on top of” Marshall’s house, so dozens of neighbors would have heard any gunshots that weren’t muffled by a silencer…and Marshall’s “patsy gun” did not have a silencer.

*The crime scene was illegally and surreptitiously cleaned up by professionals, including “a SUV, license undetermined, with an array of communication antennas bristling from the roof.”

*Philip Marshall, who had expressed his fear of being harassed or silenced for his 9/11 revelations, never kept his doors open – but when the bodies were found, a side door Marshall never used was wide open.

According to Madsen, all of Marshall’s neighbors believe it was a professional murder, not the murder-suicide claimed by corrupt local police, who have presumably been told what to do and say by higher authorities working on behalf of “national security.”

Marshall, Madsen points out, was not just any 9/11 conspiracy author. A former airline pilot, Marshall was a close associate of notorious CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal, and a peripheral player in the New Orleans CIA/crime nexus that killed JFK, Martin Luther King, and many others. Madsen suggests that Marshall, a long-time participant in covert operations, developed a penchant for truth during the last years of his life.

According to Madsen, Marshall had stated that he was holding explosive information that would be revealed in his next book. The repeated professional-clean-ups of Marshall’s house after the murder suggest that the killers, and the agency or agencies employing them, were looking for a specific piece of evidence or information. (Marshall’s computer mysteriously disappeared after the killings, and its whereabouts remain unknown.)



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teeray    16,227

People watch too many movies.

The entire conspiracy of 9/11 (although I admit I didn't read his particular book) isn't even plausible.

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Even if you do not believe in a 9/11 conspiracy there are some situations n evidence that make it "plausable"

Im in the i dont think so but... Wow that is plauable group. I dont want to be but a lot does not add up.

I dont beleve in chemtrails, fake moon landings n Weather machines so... I know about the theories.. Fun to ponder and poke fun at but...

I just dont believe the populations Best Interest is a priority for the gov anymore..so it is a cynical perspective that sways to big gov and corporations working together for there own benefit at any cost.

We will not leave Afganastan bc there are huge Lithium mines and Gold, Silver thats barely tapped. There will be a reason why we occupy that area n its not for Homelad security as one example.

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