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2nd Round Tight End?

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U making a fool out of yourself asking me to show u these TEs that won ROY. Did TonyG, Sharper, etc win ROY??? The TE spot is one who doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The OROY always goes to a QB, WR, OT or RB.

Last year class was better at the receiver position with two sure receivers in Floyd and Jeffrey. Both struggled!!!

And I never said this class suck balls. I was the one who made the thread praising these receivers a while back. History just proves that it's a position where it's going to take time to develop.

tony.g and sharper did nothing great to win the rookie of the year buddy. oh i forgot having 7 rec should make a tight end roy......PLEASE STOP.

history also proves that more wideouts have won roy while tight ends have never won. so yeah wr may take some time to develop but IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DRAFT THEN YOU CAN GET AN IMPACT PLAYER....

lol mike wallace was a 4th rounder...just proves my point. some people know how to judge talent and some people dont.

lol running back have won about 70 percent of the roy awards....but rookie quarterbacks get all the attention............right......

and if rg3,luck wouldnt have had so much hype alfred would have won this year.....but cant you see.....running backs and wideouts are MORE likley to perform big in their rookie year...

look at morris...dude rushed for 1600 yards....the most in redskins history.....you ever heard of JOHN fugKIN RIGGINS BOY.....

yeah you tell me the last time a ROOKIE TIGHT END CAME IN A BEAT OUT A 10+ YEAR OLD STAT BY A HALL OF FAMER and LEGEND..... and it wasnt like it was an EASY record either.

ummph!!! ill wait like its christmas baby......go head and take your time brother.

this argument is over....stop wasting my time man if you dont got a good argument chuck.

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