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Study - Climate Change Deniers More Likely to Believe In Crazy Conspiracies

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Dr. Lewandowsky’s survey results suggested that people who rejected climate science were more likely than other respondents to reject other scientific or official findings and buy into assorted fringe theories: that NASA faked the moon landing, that the Central Intelligence Agency killed Martin Luther King Jr., that the AIDS virus was unleashed by the government, and so forth.

This piece of research appeared in a specialized journal in psychological science, but it did not take long to find its way onto climate skeptics’ blogs, setting off howls of derision.

A theory quickly emerged: that believers in climate science had been the main people taking Dr. Lewandowsky’s survey, but instead of answering honestly, had decided en masse to impersonate climate contrarians, giving the craziest possible answers so as to make the contrarians look like whack jobs.

So, a paper about a tendency among this group to believe in conspiracy theories was met by … a conspiracy theory.


Ya don't say...

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why isn't it no longer called global warming? doesn't the climate change like min by min?

or is this like partly cloudy vs partly sunny?

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I learned about climate way back in school... Seems its always changing... Hmmm.

the climate may be "always changing" in that conditions that determine climate always are, but they are changing at a very different rate now compared to what is typical. furthermore, climate, unlike weather, is typically reasonably stable over time.

re: why it's "not global warming" anymore, it's because it isn't going to be universally hotter everywhere all the time, and it's not just that it'll be a little warmer, the actual climates of different regions will be shifting, and not all in the same way.

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