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Kevin Greene

RIP Nascar

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I'm guessing it's like 10,000x more dangerous since injuries/death will only happen in the first few rows

It probably is in general terms. The odds of dying at a NASCAR type racing event is probably around the same as dying from a lightning strike.

But yeah i don't sit in the front rows because it sucks from a viewing perspective.

Pretty damn close


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Every sporting event ticket has a disclaimer on it. Including NASCAR tickets.

Exactly. Any lawsuit from a victim would be pointless as they wouldn't gain anything but knowledge.

I go to Bowman Gray multiple times per year and sit on the front stretch where there is no catch fence. Spectators are at their own risk, so pay attention. :)

80% of the people in that video didn't even watch the wreck they looked to their right. Gotta keep your eye on the cars wrecking, no matter what.

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You can write whatever you want on the back of a piece of paper. Doesn't make it legally binding as Happy Panther stated earlier.

It's more to keep most people from even looking into legal recourse.

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What a surprise.


ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- The attorney for three NASCAR fans injured last weekend during a race the day before the Daytona 500 says they are exploring a possible lawsuit, but some experts say they could face tough obstacles in winning damages.

Matt Morgan, the Orlando-based lawyer for the fans, said at a news conference Tuesday than any suit would focus on the safety fence used along the track at Daytona International Speedway. He said he hopes to reach a settlement with NASCAR to avoid a lawsuit.


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I wouldn't even go to a race at a larger track if I had to sit that close.

1) It's 10x more dangerous sitting that close

2) All you'd be able to see is a streak go by every few seconds

3) chances are your eardrums would bust

I sat in row 3 at Martinsville once and I had buzzing in my ears for 3 days after.

Its not loud at Daytona for the big boys with the restrictor plates... its really surprising. I would say Charlotte is 10 times louder. You can sit at Daytona with no ear protection and have a normal conversation as the cars go by.

Its a freak accident that happens every so often in racing. Its sad but at least nobody was killed in the accident (fans or drivers)

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