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Most embarrassing Moment

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Share if you dare, in the most self-deprecating fashion for a few good laughs.

Here's mine (well just one).

Just moved to North Carolina when I was nine from California. My cousin was graduating from West Point so my family drove up to New York for his graduation. At the end of the ceremony, when all the cadets throw up their hats, they let all the kids go down to the field to grab one of them.....the hats are filled with money/words of wisdom/or just for the sake of memorabilia they are awesome. Unbeknownst to me this process would take up to 2 hours to complete.......

Flashback to 4 hours previous....I had just finished drinking 4 coca-cola's in glass bottles (they are so much better than plastic bullshit). So thinking that this would take about 15 minutes to grab one of these bad ass hats, with dreams of a hundred dollar bill that i could splurge on candy or maybe that badass BB gun i've wanted since i was seven, I went down to the field.

This damn ceremony just kept going on and on and on and on and on....juggling this decision between my head until I couldn't take it anymore...I straight up pissed my pants with roughly 10,000 people around me. (I got my hat, no money, but from a pretty legendary Cadet). So began the walk of shame, one at a time, keeping my head down with a huge piss stain running down my khaki pants.

If only I had Billy Madison by my side......

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