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Game 19: Carolina Hurricanes (9-8-1) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (13-7-0)

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Game Recap

The Carolina Hurricanes (10-8-1) put together their best game of the season so far as they clubbed the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1. The game was not even close as the Canes outworked the Penguins in all facets of the game. Tonight, the big four added one more to the group as Jiri Tlusty joins Eric Staal, Jordan Staal, Alexander Semin, and Jeff Skinner as a core part of this team. Tlusty potted two goals and Eric Staal and Skinner added the others. With a healthy team, the Hurricanes are easily a top five team in the NHL's Eastern Conference, so here's to staying healthy and racking up some more wins in the process.


Three Stars

1. Eric Staal (1 goal, 2 assists, 3 points, +2, 2 shots, 2 PIM, 20:00 TOI)

2. Jiri Tlusty (2 goals, 1 assist, 3 points, +2, 5 shots, 3 hits, 17:27 TOI)

3. Cam Ward (27 shots against, 26 saves, .963 save percentage)


1. Eric Staal (10) Assists: Alexander Semin (11), Jiri Tlusty (6)

2. Jiri Tlusty (8) Assists: Eric Staal (11), Tim Gleason (3)

3. Jeff Skinner (8) Assists: Patrick Dwyer (4), Joe Corvo (5)

4. Jiri Tlusty (9) Assists: Alexander Semin (12), Eric Staal (12)

Season Stat Leaders

1. Eric Staal: 10 goals, 12 assists, 22 points

2. Alexander Semin, 4 goals, 12 assists, 16 points

3. Jordan Staal: 4 goals, 11 assists, 15 points

4. Jeff Skinner: 8 goals, 7 assists, 15 points

5. Jiri Tlusty: 9 goals, 6 assists, 15 points

South East Division/Standings Scores

Carolina Hurricanes, 21 Points (Carolina 4 - Pittsburgh 1)

Winnipeg Jets, 21 Points (Winnipeg 3 - New Jersey 1)

Tampa Bay Lightning, 19 points (Tampa Bay 1 - New York 4)

Florida Panthers, 17 points (Flordia 3 - Buffalo 4 SO)

Washington Capitals, 15 points (Idle)

Eastern Conference Standings

Montreal Canadians, 29 points

Pittsburgh Penguins, 26 points

Carolina Hurricanes, 21 points

Boston Bruins, 28 points

Ottawa Senators, 27 points

Toronto Maple Leafs, 26 points

New Jersey Devils, 24 points

Winnipeg Jets, 21 points

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At least we get Gleason back. Thank goodness.

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Canes playing harder than Pitt but score doesn't reflect it.

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Tlusty/Staal/Semin line is MONEY. Skinner being back should hopefully mean Tlusty stays put.

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penguins will start the period on powerplay, double minor on harrison :/

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That's some BS, Pitt instigated that sh*t. F*ck the refs!!!

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Skinner has been an absolute TERROR this game. Hope the kid can stay healthy.

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