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It is imminent. As a football fan most of us get caught up in the mystique of certain players. Our proverbial wet dreams per say. "Let's get X guy! He would be a beast with X." We know the formula well. I've used this as well, I'm guilty of falling for this trap.

Alas, Mike Wallace isn't coming to Carolina....

This year is a make or break year. The past two seasons the Carolina Panthers have been fringing on the avenue of greatness. But tip toeing in the high wire of mediocrity. We're a 7-9 team that has potential. Potential is truly one of the most dangerous words in the English Language and the most worthless at the same time.

This team in my honest opinion is a couple of pieces away from being a potential playoff team. It has been that the past two seasons. Maybe with the death of the king of mediocrity, Marty Hurney, this team can break out.

The following would be a list of Free Agents that in my opinion can be had for a decent amount of money that won't break the already in bad shape piggy bank that is the Cap. Gettleman said he would address needs through Free Agency, so these would be some prime suspects.

(Yes, we don't have the money at the moment, but I have a really strong feeling that Gettleman will cut and restructure enough players that we'll have plenty of money to sign at least a couple of people. I have faith in this man)

Let's start at the trenches. Where the game truly is played and the better line will always dictate the game result.

Offensive Line prospects:

It's no secret the Guard play has been lacking. A rookie and a musical chair experiment. These guys should help. At least be an upgrade to Gary Williams and Silatolu. Oh and Williams should be cut..


Louis Vasquez

Donald Thomas

Phil Loadholt

Brandon Moore (butt fumble guy. lol!)

I'm not sure what Gettleman is thinking, if he wants to keep Gross or not. The only way he should be allowed to stay is that he takes a massive pay cut and moves to the right side. So here's a list of guys that may help the situation in case Gross decides not to take a pay cut and move to the right side.

Offensive Tackles:

Branden Albert

Ryan Harris

Bryant McKiennie (34 but could be a one year rental, come cheap and is a good LT)

Draft one.

Defensive Line Prospects:

It is not surprising that this is a need. It has been since Kemo and Jenkins left. We haven't had a dominant interior lineman since then. I'm pro looking for one in the draft in the first round, but if that doesn't happen we can always look at these gentlemen.

Defensive Tackles:

Ron Brace (NT)

Roy Miller (UT, Bucs will regret not re-signing this guy, a mix of him and Ron Brace would be my dream.)

Chris Canty

Desmond Bryant (Yeah he has some issues but he has talent and his current situation could work in our favor. I.E. not pay him that much.)

On to the secondary. Yes, we need help there. Mainly in the Safety position. We could very well draft a Safety with the first or second round, but I would say to hold off on that when you could get some decent safeties through free agency.

Secondary Prospects:


Kenny Phillips (NYG ties)

Patrick Chung

Corey Lynch

Chris Clemmons (a vet that could be payed for a 1 year deal.)

So in conclusion, while other teams are scrambling to sign the big named players, we could potentially sign any of the above men and bolster the team without breaking the bank.

Gettleman will make something happen, his philosophy is sound, address needs through Free Agency, draft BPA and build through the draft. Actions will always speak louder than words. I have a good feeling about our new GM though. He seems like a no nonsense, football guy, type of guy.

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While I think the team will upgrade the RG spot, Silatolu will be the other starting Guard. He played well at the end of the season and showed enough growth that team will keep him right where he is. He'll also be better with Kalil back at Center and another year offseason under his belt.

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I saw the Bucs are going to let Roy walk today. I would love to pick him up but honestly I don't think we can afford what he is looking for. Plus they are making a strong push to resign Dwan.

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Amini's mistakes were mental, not physical. He was a rookie playing a new position (LT in college). When he knew his assignment, he manhandled LBs and had good push against DL.

Another year of training camp, a little less read option and he'll be fine.

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Okay, not a chance we can cut an old Gross and sign a young Albert?

Have no clue about cap implications

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No to Wallace but you have Albert on your list???? Hypocrite?

Albert prob want more money than Wallace. What makes you think we can afford him?

Guys I think we could really afford:

Louis Vasquez

Kenny Phillps

Pat Chung


Phil Loadholt (he's a RT if I'm correct)

Roy Miller


Alan Branch

and my guy "Brian Hartline"!!!!

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The guards I supplied were more for Gary Williams sake, not Silatolu. He was a rookie and was learning as he went. It didn't help that the line itself was sporadic all year. I don't necessarily believe Silatolu sucks. He's going through growing pains.

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What's free angency? But nice work..

You try too hard.

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