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Post Combine Mock Draft!

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This is my mock and i'll also do some free agent picks. The Panthers are not as bad as people thought cap wise. I also have an interesting and different take on the oline through FA but, that will be coming later...............

Make sure you give me your opinion because it helps me a lot. I will only include one COMP(6th round) pick this time even though they might have two. This is my second mock i think, my last was after the senior bowl.I will have a brief explanation for each, so lets get started.

Well so first I want to trade back in the first round to the 24-28 spot. Now I know there are a few teams that might want to trade up. Colts,Packers or Seattle all could want to move up for a better WR, OG, DE or CB.In return panthers would receive an extra 2nd and 5th round pick. I have saw this done a couple of times. So this could very well be a realistic trade for the panthers in terms of the draft chart points.


1. Quinton Patton- Wr that does everything well. He already proved he can go against the big boys when he put 21 rec and over 200 yards on Texas Am, who beat BAMA. This guy is underrated and not many casual fans know him. He runs crisp,quick routes that allows him to get open in the middle and down field. He is also elusive in open space and has deceptive speed. He does not drop many passes and can track the hell out of the ball. Patton is also very good at catching fade passes in the end zone. He finished his season with 13 tds and over 1300 yards.Has been impressive at the senior bowl and the combine.I have heard comparisons to Reggie Wayne and Victor Cruz.


2.Brandon Williams- BIg DT that can penetrate and also COG up the middle to stop the run. He is from a small school but he will be playing by a solid vet in Edwards. He also had a very good senior bowl and combine, which showed he could get down with the big boys. He benched 38 reps(the best mark) and was not slow for his size. I think he can be one of the best DT taken out of this draft.


2.(trade) Darius Slay-CB from Miss. State who didn't get as much as attention as J.Banks but performed just as good. He ended the year with 5 ints with 12+ plus pass break ups. Had a Helluva Combine and played well against big SEC teams. He's was also the fastest(4.3) corner at the combine and also has some size at 6'0. Also Panthers will probably release Gamble for more cap room so CB will be a big need.


4.D.j Swearinger-Play maker at Free Safety. Can HIT HARD and BALL HAWK at the same time. Avg combine so should be here but, he has always been underrated anyways. Panthers need a safety in the worse way to help with the run and pass. LOVE this guy because he is very feisty and is always around the ball. Also you need a guy like this with Brees and Ryan in the division.


5.Kieth Pough- Small school linebacker that will be a steal. Great leadership and makes the sure tackle. Has good size,speed for a linebacker and turned in solid combine. Panthers need help at OLB, watch Bucs and Giants game if you don't agree. Also Beason might not be here. Both OLBs are aging and they have an injury history too. Would be a nice edition with Luke to help stop Panthers from getting run over by rookie running backs.


5.(trade) Chris Gragg-Should be a 2nd rounder but got hurt. Had the best combine(lead in most drills)out of all the TE. CAN run a 4,46 but officially clocked at 4.50. Another BIG catching TE to help Cam when in trouble. Newton also seemed to like the TE a lot when he had Shockey and also could help Panthers become less stagnant in the red zone. He has potential to A. Gates like he just has to really want it.


6. Omoregi Uzzi- Big OG that has a mean streak in him. Team was top 5 in the Nation in rushing. Would be a solid ugrade at the rg spot. Panthers have to protect Newton and at the same time this will help the erratic rushing game. While it looks like J-Stew and D-will will still be here next year, this move could help them out a lot. Teams that ran the option well all had good o-line men who could open up holes. Also a 6th round pick, Alfred Morris, ran wild because he had a good o-line.


6(comp).Quanterus Smith-An unknown diamond in the ruff. Q.Smith is a DE that plays at a small school but, he has a lot of upside to be a big time DE in the NFL. Before he got injured he had 12.5 sacks(could have had 16+). His highlight is against Alabama where he beat D.j Fluker for 2 sacks and ended the day with 3 total. Gettleman comes from a pass rushing philosophy so this would be the perfect pick. Disrupting the Qb is the most important aspect of the defense and that's what Smith does. He has been compared to Bruce Irvin, a rookie DE on the Seahawks, who stacked up 8 sacks last year.


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Those photos are fuging killing me..lol. I like the Williams pick I suppose, I have DJ as a second rounder and have all year, who cares about his so so combine. He's a football player not an athlete..reminds me a lot of Dawkins.

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I would love this draft if it happened. Has my must have prospect as well as a corner that I really like in the 2nd. Also like Patton in the 1st and the big guard later.

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I'll start off following the thread about the cap situation on the main forum and cut/keep/restructure some of those players. yes means cut and no means keep them.

Cutting Gamble would save us 7.9 million yes

Cutting Gross would save us 6.9 million no

Cutting Ron Edwards would save us 2.5 million yes

Cutting Hangartner would save 1.575 yes

Cutting Gary Williams would save us 1.125 Million yes

Cutting Nakumara would save $966,000 yes

Cutting Kenny Onatulu would save us $775,000 yes

Cutting Jason Williams would save 715,000 yes

Cutting Bruce Campbell would save us 630,000 no

Cutting David Gettis would save us 630,000 yes

Cutting Armanti Edwards would save us 630,000 yes

Dwan Edwards resign

Jordan Senn resign

Antwan Applewhite let go

Captain Munnerlyn resign

Louis Murphy resign

Sherrod Martin let go

Ben Hartstock let go

Gary Barnidge resign

Mike Pollack let go

Derek Anderson let come back for cheap if not let go

Thomas Austin cut

James Dockery cut

Mario Addison cut

Jeff Byers keep

Colin Jones cut

Armond Smith cut

Colin Cole cut








Free Agents to Aquire

1.Gosder Cherilus


In college at left tackle he gave up a sack every every 130 snaps. Also blocked for Matt Ryan who threw for 4,501 with 31 tds. Matt had 654 attempts.

Ranked as the 2nd highest right tackle on profootballfocus with a 20+ grade. only allowed 5 sacks this year with a 727 pass attempts. Matt Stafford had a monster year with 4,967 yards and Calvin Johnson broke Rice's record. He is a Right Tackle but is Known as a better pass blocker but, not as good against the run. So he MIGHT fit better as a left tackle and also is not well known so should come at a reasonable price.

While playing right tackle on every 145 snaps he gives up a sack vs while gross gives up a sack every 80 snaps.

In college at left tackle he gave up a sack every every 130 snaps as a LEFT TACKLE. Also blocked for Matt Ryan who threw for 4,501 with 31 tds. Matt had 654 attempts. He only gave up 5 sacks.

just like he made the switch from lt to rt i think he could make the switch vice versa. Brandon Albert made the switch from college guard to lt in the nfl and has played fine. so its not the first time something like this has been experimented with.

He has exp at Left Tackle in college and has exp as RT in the NFL so I think he could make the switch and be a upgrade in the Left tackle department. Now that he has learned from the right side and had his best year of career last year. He is also still young...around 26.


Some video of him going against Michael Bennet Who had 9 sacks this year...he did well. Also footage of him in college protecting Matt Ryan.

Remember I'm not expecting you to agree with me because this is an experiment but just see for yourself. and give me feedback.

gosder vs michael bennet

gosder protecting matt ryan vs GT

2.Phil Loadholt


Blocked for AP who had a record year with over 2000 yards rushing also only gave up 3 sacks. Still young and should come at reasonable price.Also ranked as one of the best right tackles by profootballfocus. Would be way better than Bell who gave up 8 sacks and was AVG on running plays.

3.Greg Toler


A corner with size who makes heads up plays. Has some exp and shouldn't be that expensive . Also ranked high by profootballfocus. Panthers could use someone like this to compete with the other group of corners because their is no real definite starter out them.


4. Phil Dawson


Experienced kicker who makes almost all his field goals no matter the distance. he was ranked as the best kicker on profootballfocus and should come cheap. He was 29 out 31 in field goals made.

He hit 13 field goals from 40-50 yards. 6 being in the 40 range and 7 being in the 50 range.

Now on to UDFA. Just players with potenial that I thnik could be solid starters or most likely be solid back ups for depth.


1.Chad Bumphis- slot wr/kick returner

2.Greg Reid- slot corner/punt returner

3.Dexter Mccoil- free safety

4.Aj Francis- defensive tackle

5.Patrick Lewis- Center

6.Colby Cameron - QuarterBack (depends if Derek come back.)

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Is that you big syke?

lol......nope. why did you think that?? first people think im black now this lol ill be coming out with a mock on my own....just been kind of busy because im still planning for the patriots draft that i have tommorrow with all kind of trade and such........YOU WILL SEE MY DRAFT.

to me this draft is unrealistic to a degree and its obvious this guy used some of my prospects that i made ...but so have others all the time. if i recall i was the first one mention tavarres king then you put him on your draft.......get used to it buddy people follow other people on here....i even do sometimes...especially when i first came on this draft forum...(i don't even like sheldon richardson but i had him in my first draft following others lol)

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