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OMG! We need new Bigs!

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I'm starting to lean towards drafting Noel (if we have the chance), signing Millsap, resigning Hendo, McRoberts, offering Mullens the qualifying, shipping Gordon off in a trade (to get Taylor more minutes) and calling it a day.






I'd be pretty happy with something like that. We would definitely improve a good amount, but still be in contention for one of the worst records (thus still having a shot at Wiggins/Parker/Randle/BPA).

We'd finally have a great pick n roll option for Kemba (Millsap), as well as that dominant defensive minded C (or at least that's his peak -- Noel), with an aggressive Hendo (hopefully he stays aggressive), and an improved MKG + Taylor + Biz.

I'd go with that. I think our defense would be improved, not greatly, but improved. We'd have a nice post scorer with Millsap, Noel could develop into a nice 12 to 15 PPG with 10-12 RPG. Biz is getting much better as well. His growth over this year is faster than last year. I doubt McRoberts will be here much longer though. No specific reason, just a hunch I have. Hes been a travel man all his career.

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