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2012 Panthers, What if.........

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Manning wouldn't have let Roddy White burn him twice, right?

Manning would have played press against Marshall to stop that final, game winning drive against the Bears, right?

Manning would have blocked Von Miller and Dumerville in that thumping?

Etc, etc, etc.

It's still a team sport and I'll take Cam over Manning at this point in time.

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This past weekend my Buds and I were sitting around drinking Red Bull when I posed this question.

What if the Panthers had Peyton Manning as QB this past season?

We already know that Peyton make ordinary players look great and great players look extraordinary. (He did it at Tennessee, at Indy and now at Denver.)

So automatically, you can count any loss under 10 points by the Panthers as victories! Rivera would have been mentioned as a Coach of the Year candidate! Steve Smith would have been a Pro Bowl lock and possibly MVP! The Panthers would have won the NFC South Title and not the Falcons!

2012 Panther Record with Peyton Manning as QB. 12-4 possibly 14-2!

2012 NFC South CHAMPS!


Carolina easily cruises to victory on the golden arm of Peyton Manning. J/K, he pulls his usual paper tiger/choke job once the pressure begins, we're one and done and still owing 34 Billion dollars to our 50 year old QB.

Doesn't one of the computer football games allow you to substitute players in it and play games? It would be interesting to see who the 2012 season with this scenario!

Altered slightly for accuracy.

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Manning would now be retired bc he would have been murdered behind our OL

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