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Did a rap about Cam Newton

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 06:20 AM

If I could recollect before my hood days
I'd sit, reminisce in bliss on the good days
I stop and stare at the younger
my heart goes to 'em
they tested, it was stressed that they under
we never realy went through that
because we was born B.C. - you and me before crack
And nowadays things changed
everyone's ashamed to the youth cause the truth look strange
and for me it's reverse
we left them a world that's cursed and it hurts
cause anyday they'll push the button
and y'all condemned like Malcolm X and Boby Hutton died for nuthin'
Don't 'em let me get teary
the world looks dreary
But when you wipe your eyes, see it clearly
there is no need for you to fear me
If you take the time to hear me
maybe you can learn to cheer me
It ain't about black or white cause we're human
I hope we'll see the light before it's ruined
My Ghetto Gospel

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 06:23 AM

n the event of my demise don't shed no tear
I'll share my wisdom with the world, they'll know I was here
Know I was clear, every thing I said I ment
A outlaw, when I was born they prepared my ditch
Said I won't live long, statistic show
I'm tryna past 24 realistic goal, listen though
You gotta stay cold inside
That's what I tell myself when I feel alone sometimes
But I can't cry, I don't tear no more
I love god, so death I don't fear no more
I part take in this movment to better my people
Though they see me on TV, I tell them we equal
Don't look at me as a stranger, I'm one of your own
We was raised in concrete and grew as a rose
Still I rise, but never get a chance to fly
Mama please don't cry
In the event of my demise

If I should die before I awake
let my family be stairght of the money I make
Give my son, what he needs, other than his father
Is it self respect, better yet his honor
when the lord come to swallow my soul, it's so big
Cause the street took enough of my life, we all see
It's a cycle make you feel psycho
Everything struggles behind this man, see nobody love you
Got a piece of the streets and it's gonna die with me
may your, soul forgive me
Makaveli's within me
In principle we stand by stronger than power
We gon' die by the rules you can never devour
On the earth from my birth felt nothing but pain
only thing I ever gained was a baby to name
that's my heart, and if I should go I'll go on in the sparks
that's the event of my demise, and it lurks in the dark

Now as I stand here, a man here
Not a perfect one, but a searching one
Seek in another, blazing time
Sound crazy but I'm actually tryin to escape my mind
Tryna erase in time
but hoping that you didn't notice
When i was at my lowest
Although I knew they was watching, I couldn't stop it
So many things I wanted to accomplish
Too many dreams, wasted with no promise
From out the darkness I struggle to see the light
Rumble deep in the night
Hustlin with all of my might here
Some won't see it that way
But us is given praise
But all of them will prayin'
That I did it my way
In the event of my demise

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 06:25 AM

Can you picture my prophecy?

Stress in the city, the cops is hot for me

The projects is full of bullets, the bodies is droppin

There ain't no stoppin me

Constantly movin while makin millions

Witnessin killings, leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings

Can't raise the children cause they're illin

Addicted to killin and the appeal from the cap peelin

Without feelin, but will they last or be blasted?

Hard headed bastard

Maybe he'll listen in his casket - the aftermath

More bodies being buried - I'm losing my homies in a hurry

They're relocating to the cemetary

Got me worried, stressin, my vision's blurried

The question is will I live? No one in the world loves me

I'm headed for danger, don't trust strangers

Put one in the chamber whenever I'm feelin this anger

Don't wanna make excuses, cause this is how it is

What's the use unless we're shootin no one notices the youth

It's just me against the world baby

With all this extra stressin

The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath

When will I finally get to rest? Through this supression

They punish the people that's askin questions

And those that possess, steal from the ones without possessions

The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons

Don't settle for less - even a genius asks-es questions

Be grateful for blessings

Don't ever change, keep your essence

The power is in the people and politics we address

Always do your best, don't let the pressure make you panic

And when you get stranded

And things don't go the way you planned it

Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference

Politicians and hypocrites, they don't wanna listen

If I'm insane, it's the fame made a brother change

It wasn't nuttin like the game

It's just me against the world

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 06:27 AM

Walkin through the penile glands, like it was a unfathered man
Knowledge is the key to the mind which is a mysterious doorway
Through a long dark hallway
Use your conscious as a compass to avoid bein' conquered
By nonsense, use your subconscious as a map
Once it's time to head back use your food for thought
And leave bread tracks
Now we can see the third eye, swift as you burn fly
You need common sense as a detour
Up ahead there lies three doors for you to see more
You might have to meditate to the soft melodies from a keyboard
Understandin' is your flashlight
It reflects the windows to your past life
No psychiatric's could raid you from off the mattress
As you fall deeper, and it's hypnotized you better read my lips
Cause that's the guide, out the hallways of negative
Which is always competitive, therefore
You must never let it live

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 06:29 AM

Information begins the gathering
Starting the pattern and stargate towards saturn
Between the eye socket is where I will build my sky rocket
You don�t need any passport, all you need is a thought
Suddenly, the soul becomes hot as coal
The flame blows from out my brain holes like a volcano
The brain begins to process as we start the conquest
From out the physical bondage, the thought
Launches, voyaging 144 billion light years through the shadows of your imaginination
Now open your eyes do you see the flaming arrows aiming at pharoahs inhibitions
As we begin-racing like a sparrow through the narrow population
Seeking purification, the destination is the holy land, of bethlehem
I eat lamb with abraham and break bread with the son of man
So slowly, hold these hands and stretch forth from the skies like a rubber band
As I begin to step you above the land out of the atmosphere
Don�t look back why, cause we�re almost there
Just try to prepare and adapt to the air pressure
Now we searching for the mental treasure (pleasure)
Beyond the measure of yards
You can�t comprehend to God or to distance between stars
Pick up quasars inside the radar
As we�re going far past any astronaut
Moving so fast in this aircraft
Everything we pass get hot, from the take-off
The blast turns glass into rocks
At last my supreme task was to no longer walk on green grass
Till I become a beam of gas
And travel through a extreme draft
Unable, to be picked up through cable (through cable)
Out of the reach of all manner of sky examiners, heaven scanners,
Giant antennas, high tech space cameras
Or evidence in any cemetry or obituary
Not found in any library or dictionary or encyclopedia or media
I�m in star mode, with the discipline of dahmo, I broke the u.s. bar code
Now I�m on allah�s road to journey, into the realms of the cosmos
Where only God knows or goesl, blow like a ufo
To give up my work clothes, only to glow with a holy robe
And explode through the mysterious black holes
Deep warp the outer zone, without a phone, to the unknown
To sit on my throne alone (heavy mental)
I�m the pilot on galactical plain of knowledge the culture
My sculpture, lights up the ultra violet
So you could see my brain is symbolic, to a palace
Therefore I keep my hair stylish, my flesh solid
My teeth polished, next stage, examin my x-ray
Take notes for your essay, and let my casette play for longer than a decade
As we begin to blaze, through the milky ways
Repenting from our filthy ways, replenish for our guilty days
The eyeballs, swell up the size of eggs, beyond dreamland
Wing span, 7 feet, between the eyes is the beak
Destination of the ride, is to reach is the peak, angelic landscape
Takes the physical man behind the hidden gates of space
Ultimate escapes as we go at a phenomenal rate
As we cruise going into magnitude
As we break up into a multitude of molecules
Going through a long hollow tube with a scholars view
As, we wearing the white garment, passing sound waves
That�s supersonic, passing the comets, star clusters
Changing my physical structure, till my lips begin to pucker
Kissing christ at the last supper
Grabbing a brass cup of wine (heavy mental)
I feel myself getting older, sitting on my sofa
In the position like yoga, till my mind passes over
The solar system, my wisdom nova, I am the controller
I begin to loosen up my shoulders forming each joint
Into the suns 8 points, then i, begin to rise like helium
Escape in the milleniumm, two thousand
Meditating to the soft note of a violin
I�ve been on mars, building the holy synagogue
For the royal seminars, long before they had the renaissance
There existed a hebrew lodge (heavy mental)
A phenomenon from out of the matrix
The world looks at me with envy and hatred
Just because I appear to them half naked
Rising into a spaceship
With an arm full of solid gold bracelets
A phenomenon from out of the matrix (heavy mental)
Now the only time (heavy mental)
The only time you should catch.. (heavy mental)
Only time, you could have
Jet lag is if your cassette drag.. (heavy mental)

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 06:31 AM

This is the master thesis underneath the deepness
Come to micclub.net where you can read this
run a ploblem and map in hyper space 'ya
From the society for scientific exploration
color is vibration, vibration is sound
sound resonates through the mouth check it out
What I say vibrates no less than 9 ways
South, South East, West, south west, east
North, North east, North west
And the black and white images fade
to great sound waves
Track my adversaries like a mouse in a maze
with a bewildering array, of lyrical display
The best of Bis orbitally rearanged
Mono atomic elements, with a deft intelligence
The highest professorship, my English etiquette
compels me to not say it if I can't spell it bitch
My circularised 3rd Eye, sees all
Atlantis was surrounded by 4 sea walls
I read one-fourth of the Library of Alexandria
before it was burnt to the floor
I wish I could've learned more
about the shapes of the sacred geometry they used to draw
They were new millennium but Euclidian in form
ancient in many ways but not nearly as old
Carved from Egyptian gold molded in Assyria
with processed Beryllium by the quintillion
They cooked on symmetrical stoves
with my logo etched above the hole where they inserted the coal
And they barbecued birds to the bone
They burned incense in a Buckminster Fuller type dome
I talked to Mr. Fuller over the phone
and he said he had a contract to rebuild Rome
said he didn't want to do it alone
I told him I was busy writing poems
but I'd think about going
The process was slow, and the dough was low
but I took it as the perfect opportunity to grow
plus I never traveled that far from home
but I heard about the beauty of Sydonian (city of ancient Phoenicia) snow
neon green grass, statues made from translucent glass
I'll be crazy to pass
I like Alterian Jazz
the blue twilight band
that plays tunes from a laser black sax
it sounds so laid back
it helps me relax
I bought the album after seeing K-Pax
Ooh how I miss my nautilus
i was told pharyngoamygdalitis did not exist
you have a modest case of escafocefalice
I prescribe some neo gothic anti-biotics
words concocted from the lyrical lock smith
deadly as 10 droplets of Ricin toxin
from every angle the competition gets boxed in
as Dr. C indoctrinates his doctrine
translate the English alphabet
to the omega text
life is now and death is next
post bond out on bail from the belly of hell
communicate through diatonic and pentatonic scale
these dark side tales might affect sales
I set sail and hunt down erect sperm whales
use the aphrodisiac to get a female
call ginger tie her up and drink her ginger ale
grand maryey for me scotch on the rocks for you
your vocab is smaller than a cockatoos
in the studio with james lipton
reminiscing about the script that was written
before the beginning
all of a sudden the boo's turned into applause
my jaws stronger then the kenenday Macaws
cant even count the bars
i've expended so far
don't want to rap no more its been so long
i wish the clock would hurry up and tick
im out in the bush and the sticks
humpin a hundred clicks
dr scholes gave me a good fit
me and him went to school together back in 86
when I was really ill
puttin flank energy in a rhyme the size of a Tylenol pill
you wanna laugh now
and cast your belligerent doubt
show you what poetry is really about
the side affects will make you pass out
followed by skin rash
itching diarrhea nausea and dry mouth
you want a time out?
you better spit a rhyme out
before the community of real mc's die out
college students say to me "you ain't smart"
Record label A&Rs say: "this ain't art"
these are the contents of the Covenant of the Ark
listen to my chest beat tell me this ain't heart
You gotta be as obsequious
as the Disciples of Jesus
this is my MASTER THESIS

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 07:45 AM

See, his meaning behind it went waaaayyy over your elitist head.

Jay is using Dark Knight(Harvey Dent) as an example, Jay is saying had he died at the height of his career like 2pac or Biggie, who were claimed heroes of hip-hop after their deaths, his legend would have grown, but the more longer he lives, the more haters he attracts...so he's now witnessing himself become a villain.

Lol, yeah, deep.

Isn't that obvious to a 6th grade student?

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 09:00 AM

Kinda shocked at all the smartass comments of people trying to establish what real music is over a fan who simply wanted to share a rap he made about Cam with us. Who cares if you think it's bad we're all Panther fans here, it's okay to be supportive.

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:34 AM

this was way better than i expected.

good job bro.

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:41 AM

What the hell happened to this thread...?

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:45 AM

oh no you're one of those oldies who's gonna bitch and moan about how music used to be

It used to be made by musicians.

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 12:33 PM

"It's a mockery to call this system a democracy, hypocrisy, when the people that make up the majority, don't even have the power to challenge the authority of the 5% elite wealthy minority, who own the 95% monopoly over the worlds economy, because they own the land which is improperly known as property, but it'll probably always be because they also control the policies, ya feel me?"