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Verge's newest mock draft

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1. Chiefs

Luke Joeckel, T, TA&M

Obvious pick is obvious.

2. Jaguars

Dion Jordan, DE, ORE

Speed, speed, speed, Jags need pass rush, Jordan fits the bill.

3. Raiders

Geno Smith, QB, WV

Raiders need a QB and Geno is one of the best in the draft class, his speed and arm talent make it easy for the Raiders to attain their first franchise QB since Rich Gannon

4. Eagles

Dee Milliner, CB, AL

The Eagles are desperate for corners now that Nmandi and DRC are gone, Milliner dominated the combine and is the single best CB prospect I have seen in the past five years.

5. Lions

Ezekial Ansah, DE, BYU

Freak of nature, Julius Peppers like potential. Lions need a pass rusher, he is not the best on the board, but the ceiling is oh so high.

6. Browns

Sharrif Floyd

More pass rush! The Browns make a killer move that give them a real shot at competing for the division. Sheard, Floyd, and Kruger? Amazing Dline.

7. Cardinals

Matt Barkley

The Cardinals really, really like Barkley, I don't quite understand it, but this pick won't be anything but Barkley.

8. Bills

EJ Manuel

Great qb, and the Bills need a qb and Manuel fits the bill (Hue hue hue). I love Manuel as a prospect and he will make the Bills able to compete in the division

9. Jets

Corradelle Patterson

The Jets biggest need is offense, and they get the best offensive play maker in the draft, no thinking about this one.

10. Titans

Xavier Rhodes, CB, FSU

Titans biggest need is CB, they take the best one available

11. Chargers

Eric Fisher, T, CM

The Chargers prayers work out and they land a top 5 player and fix their biggest need

12. Dolphins

Lane Johnson, T, OK

Dolphins get an elite pass protector to protect their franchise qb. Johnson has the highest ceiling out of any tackle in the draft and he will be awesome for them

13. Buccaneers

Jarvis Jones, OLB/DE, GEO

Sick pass rusher falls due to health concerns and Bucs get a steal here

14. Panthers

Tavon Austin, WR, WV

The biggest play maker in the draft and the future of the franchise at WR. They could go Richardson here as well, but I just think WR is a huge need that they have neglected early. Cam Newton is the most important person on the team, so improve his production with a dangerous weapon

15. Saints

Bjoern Werner, DE, FSU

In my opinion, the best DE in the draft, the Saints get a steal here and get a guy with a high motor that will be an elite pass rusher

16. Rams

Kenny Vaccaro, S, TX

Hard to see the Rams passing up the best safety in the draft, they have needs at WR as well, but the top two are off the board

17. Steelers

Jamie Collins, OLB, SM

They need to replace Harrison, and Collins is the best OLB on the board

18. Cowboys

Chance Warmack, G, ALA

Best guard in the draft gives the Cowboys a guard for Murray to lean on

19. Giants

Star Loutuleilei, DT, UT

He is falling due to health concerns, Giants like to take players that drop and reap the rewards. This will certainly be the case for Star

20. Bears

Menelik Watson, T, FSU

Best tackle on the board improves the much needed position for the Bears

21. Bengals

Keenan Allen, WR, CAL

The best player on the board and a huge increase to the talent level to the now loaded Bengals

22. Rams

Jonathan Cooper, G, NC

They fix their interior line right out of the gate, it is amazing he fell this far and the Rams look to be a contender with two solid picks

23. Vikings

Sheldon Richardson, DT, MISS

Huge fall here, I imagine someone will trade up earlier to get Richardson, but in this case he falls to the Vikings and they hop on board

24. Colts

Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

They need a pass rusher and Mingo is sitting here waiting for a 3-4 team to take him. Easy pick

25. Vikings

Quinton Patton, WR, LT

They need another receiver to help Greg Jennings, Patton fits the need

26. Packers

Eddie Lacey, RB, Ala

I imagine they will trade back here, but if not, they need a RB

27. Texans

Damontre Moore, OLB, TA&M

Connor Barwin leaves? Cool with them, just go get an even better pass rusher. The Texans are good with this kind of thing

28. Broncos

Jonathan Cyprien, S, FI

The safety play was the only thing average about the Broncos last year, and with this pick they become stacked at the position for the future. Hopefully Rahim Moore can improve for the future. The Broncos can really go anywhere here, they are stacked. This also could be Desmond Trufant or Tyler Eifert

29. Patriots

Sylvester Williams, DT, NC

Best player available, the Patriots do their thing

30. Falcons

Margus Hunt, DE, SMU

Huge upside, the Falcons can afford to take a boom or bust pick here

31. 49ers

Desmond Trufant, CB, WAS


32. Ravens

Alec Ogletree, LB, GEO

The Ravens need some LB help and Ogletree is the best one on the board

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dont like for the panthers.....

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I really think if Eric Fisher fell that far we would try and trade up to grab him. He's a top 3 player in this class. It wouldn't shock me at all to see Fisher go one overall instead of Joeckel. Also no chance Trufant is there at 31...

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Nice draft.

Hate the Panthers pick.

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Personally I like Tavon there, but not over Star

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Would be pissed if we drafted a slot WR with the 14th pick. Even if he was an awesome slot WR, esp with our other needs.

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The draft is pretty good. I haven't heard about the Cardinals loving Barkely. I'd be shocked if he went before the 20s at very earliest. Manuel to the Bills in round 1 is also a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. I strongly dislike the Panthers pick, ESPECIALLY with Star still on the board. I just skimmed after the Panthers pick, the rest seems feasible.

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I would love to have a crystal ball and see T Austins future. The guy has the most acceleration I have ever seen.I think he will be something special

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He does have insane stop-and-go. As I said in another thread, the closest comparison I can think of is Reggie Bush but I think Austin is better at it (at ~25 lbs lighter he should be).

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