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Sound City

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Ive always kind of liked Dave Grohl, even when I really disliked Nirvana, Dave was OK in my book. Now I think I like him all the more.

If you get the chance give Dave the 2 hours of your life to watch his documentary Sound City. It tells the story of a little no frills recording studio and the unique mixing board that produced some of the greatest albums of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The studio was more accident than engineering and still managed to produce some of those decades most memorable rock albums.

I was going to provide some examples of the albums that were recorded at Sound City but couldn't make a short enough list to include here so instead here is a wiki link:

Its one of the most entertaining 2 hours Ive spent recently.

Directv has it on demand.

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Tried to make a thread on it:

Awesome flick

Really well made film

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