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Still prochoice for late-term abortions?

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also the best way to keep this from ever happening again is by making abortion illegal or restricting it so severely (abortion docs have to attain admitting rights and subsequently develop teleportation technology so they can beam patients directly to the hospital in case of an emergency) that it's pushed back in to the shadows. i've heard it's pretty dark there so people probably won't try to get abortions anymore.

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Making things illegal only work when it's abortions nevermind the guns that kill children

conservatives fighting for life until the kid is actually born

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I sincerely wish G5 would become a Cowboys fan. I'm sure their message boards are filled to the gills with people that would consider him a master debater.

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By the way...I think the fetus murders were an afterthought once the investigation opened on the adult female's death. And CWG can go f himself.

And by the way...


This is why some might find it necessary to make sure these sort of butchers have admitting priveleges. This butcher would not have been in business as long.

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A- because of what I bolded... they shouldn't legislate (early term) abortion either way. Don't outlaw it and don't fund it.

B- it should be a personal choice and since it is, that person should have to deal with the entirety of making that choice. Get pregnant and don't want to have the baby, you make the decision to get an abortion, you pay for it, and you deal with the consequences.

Whether you like it or not, the gov't does legislate morality. It is immoral to kill someone, so it's illegal. It's immoral to steal, so it's illegal. To some, aborting a 2 day old fetus is murder. To some others, aborting a fetus that's 8.9 months is perfectly fine... the gov't has the job to decided where that line is. If not the gov't then who?

This is the beginning of an interesting conversation...not so much over the net though.

I don't think the government should legislate morality. It should be illegal to murder because it violates another persons rights. It should be illegal to rape because it violates someone else's rights. Etc etc.

Morality is in the eye of the beholder.

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The definition of an abortion, according to Merriam-Webster, among others, is "the deliberate termination of a pregnancy."

By definition, the thread title is completely false and inflammatory as it relates to abortion since this is not what took place in this particular case. The article clearly states "after they were born alive," so I'm failing to see how this is anything but a capital murder case and has nothing to do with abortion.

If the babies were born alive, the pregnancy was not deliberately terminated.

If the babies were born alive, there is no longer a pregnancy to terminate.

"...after they were delivered..."

"...after they were born alive..."

This is a capital murder case, pretty simple to understand, and has nothing to do with abortion since it all took place post- childbirth.

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