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Scabs that won't heal, Delhommes $20M guaranteed revisted

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Floppin    5,461

I wish we could start giving stars for thread ratings again....

I rated it for you. You can thank me later.

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Mr. Scot    34,964

I'm happy with what I'm watching this offseason.

The Ghost of Offseasons Past has already left me to go haunt Marty Hurney. The Ghost of Offseason Present is a fairly happy fellow and while The Ghost of Offseasons Yet To Come doesn't really talk much, he did smile and give me a thumbs up (I noticed he was wearing a Panther jersey under his shroud).

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Kevin Greene    12,234

Do things like this keep you up at night?

It literally makes my stomach hurt:

Just reminds me of how poorly this team was once ran...imagine Jake still under center until 2014!!!

Link: http://sports.espn.g...tory?id=4092544


Trying to help you here.

Jake was given the extension due to Marty Hurney's incompetence in dealing with the Julius Peppers Franchise Tag fiasco.

Marty Hurney is the worst general manger in the modern era.

The Delhomme extension was simply a desperate move to create cap space while Pep was slamming all the way to the base in Hurmey's culo when twice he wouldn't sign his FT contract until just before camp.

The draft, free agency. We were completely hamstrung by Pep's 17-20 million dollar cap number. Hurney didn't let it happen once, but twice.

All the while Richardson just sat and nodded approvingly.

This was the Perfest Storm of Panther Fan ass fuging.

It's not our fault.

Good news is Hurney is gone.

God Bless Dave Gettleman.

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pantherclaw    3,141

He was extended for two reasons.

First, we needed cap space to sign the rookies.

Extending him lowered his cap hit that season, allowing us to sign rookies and a few role.playing free agents.

The only.way.to do that was to extend him or.cut him.

They extended.him.cause he was still our starter, and.there was no viable.option otherwise.

The dead.money from this.contract also didn't hurt the team, as they dumped him the year there were no cap hits from doing so.

So it was obviously a better decisuon than.most of you can even grasp.

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