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OK, you be Gettie...

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the thread title was born a little fruity with a limp in your wrist?

gettie, seriously?

...Dude, I detected a lisp in your post....

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Everybody says cut him, but he can play backup at 3 positions cheap. He's more valuable than Karl Hankton used to be.

This. Someone please explain this to me. I'm not one of those "Armanti should be QB" guys, but I don't understand carrying 3 QB's. it made sense under the old CBA when it didn't count as a roster spot. If Jimmy ever has to play (and usually doesn't dress anyway), we're fugged anyway. It makes more sense to me to cut Jimmy and use that roster spot on something else. We have Armanti that can play a few positions poorly, why waste a roster spot on jimmy who only plays one position poorly.

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