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Dubstep appreciation thread

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A thread for dubsteppers to engage in the appreciation of dubstep music, free of judgment. Also a thread if you're curious and are looking to see what it's all about

come in here to bash the genre and/or bitch about any piece of music made after 1992 if you like to rim your sister

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i'm a huge fan of EDM in general but for one reason or another I just cannot get into dubstep. I love trance, techno, house, progressive house etc. but dubstep just doesn't do it for me.

Side note, I saw Swedish House Mafia in LA a couple weekends ago Mister Love... it was unreal. Alesso and Zedd were there as well with some others.

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...but I do like some of Skrillex's stuff... and this guy Navene K, whom I know from his metal career...

Also, The Browning blends metal and dubstep pretty well...

Other than that, none of it is technically appealing to me... Pretty much anyone with decent equipment could put out a dubstep album a week if they wanted too. I feel like it is a limited genre, that pretty much will morph back into electronic/dance or one of the other subgenre's it split from...

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RAM Records

Metalheadz Records

Suburbanbase/Moving Shadow Records

Good Looking Records

Red Light Records

...to name a few labels who gave the snotty nosed dub step genre a leg to stand on

Grooverider aka Goldie

LTJ Bukem

Mickey Finn

Danny Breaks aka Rob Playford

DJ Hype

Dom and Roland

Ed Rush and Optical

EZ Rollers

Omni Trio

Roni Size

DJ Rap


... list of a few that pioneered the edgy grungy bassline breaks/dnb that has morphed itself into what we now know as dub

im warming up to it...

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