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Dubstep appreciation thread

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I like dub step, to a point. I can't handle too much of it though unless I was at a club and partying hard.

I went to a show in Charlotte at the Neighborhood Theatre and saw Excision (just bc I knew someone that worked there). I can honestly say I've never heard bass that loud in my life. It was something like 100,000 watt speakers. Craziness.

I was backstage just watching these kids that were obviously rolling their asses off. Quite a scene.

But yeah I appreciate guys like Skrillex and Bassnectar.

And like Bronn said, it really is quite easy to make a dub step track if you have the slightest musical talent. I messed around in Ableton and had the "robot sex" waaahh waaahh sound down in like 10 minutes. Not diminishing the music, but it is what it is.

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I like electronic music. I like SOME dubstep.

I've made electronic music way back before this dubstep phase was even around. Thinking you have a grasp on what my musical talents are is what is just wrong.


you think you can whip a record out in a week....

Unless you have a week to spare inside your studio with some seriously talented friends with some meth and you have stayed on your game since your earlier yrs... then yes.

your musical talents may be quite good but that little gem of a statement shows you have no clue how to make a banger. im not bashing you personally but that was just wrong to say you could produce something in a week thats not a bunch of pots and pans banging together.

artists collaborate and get help.. vocals, drums, synths, bass, strings, guitar, keyboard and studio resources make banging out songs rather easy. But to do a solo rip is absolutely one of the hardest things to do imo because you are responsible for everything. Sorry if you are musical savant and can play all the above with ease... then I do appologize.

My best buds have been doing this for over 20 yrs now and I have been playing clubs and underground venues for over 10yrs but recently retired from the scene when it all became digital and all you needed was a laptop. Vinyl only for me.. hence the hesitation for new skool dub.

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just like all the other sub genres of EDM... there's a lot of poo that's being pushed out because people think they have what it takes to be a producer and horrible little teeny boppers that are experiencing drugs for the first time gobble anything and everything up

saying that, there's still a lot of really good stuff out there... zed's dead is amazing and his shows are giant parties

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i'm hoping one or both of these guys get added to either of the festivals i'm going to this summer

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Side note, I saw Swedish House Mafia in LA a couple weekends ago Mister Love... it was unreal. Alesso and Zedd were there as well with some others.

That's awesome

I really like the collab Zedd did with Foxes, her voice is really good

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