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Carolina Hurricanes (15-13-2) vs. Winnipeg Jets (17-14-2)

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I think it all comes down to getting guys back from injury. Hear me out. On paper, we are better for having those guys back. However, we have NOT been the same since. During our little winning streak just prior to those guys coming back, we were doing great. They come back, and now what do we have? Chemistry is all fuged up and we can't remain consistent. That and the fact that our play in the defensive zone is finally starting to show. We got a lot of our wins this season from our forecheck busting ass and getting quick, early goals to give us some cushion.

Also, I honestly think it's partly due to the bounces honestly not going our way. How many "wtf" goals have we had the past few games? They happen to every team from time to time, but it seems we're getting a lot more against us lately. If luck were to shift a bit, we'd be a little better, at least.

A lot of work to be done. Have to figure out exactly what it is that is killing us. We can't keep getting in the slot with a scoring chance and missing continuously. I can't count how many times this game we SHOULD have scored. Goalies are playing us tough, we're not getting the bounces, and at times, we're just taking shitty shots on good chances.

Not wearing my Canes hat again until we win. When we hit that win streak, I wore that hat every game day. Gotta reverse the voodoo.

EDIT: Just looked at our losing streak the past 6 games...I think I have identified a large part of the problem. Special teams.

PP over that time period: 2-18.

PK over that time period: 9-15

So, we're killing most of our penalties (though, the past 3 games we've only killed one each on 2 or 3 PK chances per game). However, we're not scoring on our PP. So, it may not be our defense overall as it is maintaining assignments at even strength and knowing where opposing skaters are, as well as clearing the crease and making things easier on whoever we have in net. Very fundamental things. Offensively, our PP has been bad for years. This season, our PP% so far is 13.4%. The best in the league is Washington at 24.1%. We're far off of that. We have like, 15 PP goals all season (didn't bother to check how many chances on the PP, but it's a fuging lot).

Fix the PP, maybe we win some games again. PP needs to be a focus.

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