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McShay 2 Round Mock

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The Beason play is off of this defense and if you check the video when you get home you'll see it's a cover 3 with 3 deep DB's.


That's not the exact personal they used, but the play is the same. Cover 3 with a 3 man rush out of a 3-2-6 or 3-3-5 formation, corners take the deep outside while the FS takes the middle. LB's handle the under zone, below the Deep coverage with the other CB's taking the flat's.

Like I said the Tampa 2 is a type of coverage, not a base defense. It's exact requirements for it to be a Tampa 2 are 2 deep safeties with a Deep MLB playing anywhere from the Under zone to deep middle between the safeties zone's. The Play that Beason get's his interception on is clearly Cover 3 of some sort.

The play Carolina uses the majority of the time is Cover 2 not Tampa 2 coverage, I'm not saying they don't throw Tampa 2 in there as a coverage scheme every now and then, just that neither of those 2 plays are Tampa 2 coverage.

I'm so much a football junkie that I seriously (no kidding here) have a playbook that I designed because I wanted to get into coaching when I was in my early 20's. Offensive playbook is about 750 plays deep and revolves around having a mobile QB to run the system while the Defense is about 150 Play's deep with about another 50 variations of plays, around 200 total plays. Heavy blitz scheme running out of a hybrid 3-4/ 4-3 under defense. (I was enamored with the way Pittsburgh played defense back then)

Yes, I'm a loser and a nerd with no life. lol

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Guest BlueBoyRamses_E1b1a

And The Saints had the #1 offense and still had the same record as us.

So defense is still kinda important.

Their whole team was in disarray last year. They won a super bowl not too far back and a perennial playoffs team since payton's been the coach.

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