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I have an announcement

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My boxing boot camp was 3 sets of 2 minutes of jump roping with20 Burpees including a push-up in between.

Never knew that was equal to the jogging thing. Very interesting

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i read recently that some boxing gyms won't you allow to spar or even train if you can't do sets of 3x3x3 minutes skipping rope. not sure exactly what that means 3 mins and 30 seconds between for 3 sets or something like that i'm guessing I

i've tried google to find out with no success

i'm definitely going to work up to doing some of these:


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First off, congrats Nance! Thats awesome.

I havent shared this, but when I went to the dentist a couple weeks back my diastolic (low bp#) was 96. They said if it was over 100, they couldnt treat me and gave me a paper to discuss it with a doctor. I'm not going for a couple of reasons... 1) I hadnt slept at all the day I went into the dentist and I suspect that contributed to the high number significantly, and 2) I havent been physically active.

So, I will just attack it physically and with my diet, and I know it will go down. I'm not even 30 yet, so it shoildnt be an issue.

And I quoted PSC b/c jumping rope is an awesome exercise for shredding from what I gathered. I asked a trainer a few years back what was the best way to lose lbs. and get myself back to a baseline physically where I'm ready to start an all over regimen... He said to jump rope, 30 secs on, 30 secs off and repeat. He said try to get 20 mins in first thing in the morning, then again if possible, at night. It's basically HIIT, and theres a reason boxers use it so religiously. It works! Bit if you can just get in 20 mins a day, it is awesome. I've been considering doing this again and working my way back up to Insanity b/c I keep starting Insanity and then quitting b/c it takes so long and my body has to adjust.

Oh and sorry for any typos... This is being typed on my phone.

shredding is right. at 37 i have better abs now than i have in my entire life

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