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One of My Favorite Prospects: Jonathan Cyprien

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He won't be a FS at the next level. Cyprien will be a SS.

DUH!!!!! That is what I said 3 posts earlier. The conversation was that the previous poster said everyone had him listed as a SS and I said this one had him listed as a FS. Try and keep up with the conversation..............................

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That might be the only one. Its a shame that its from NFL.com.

Many times players in college play multiple positions and change from game to game based on the opponent or injuries etc.

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Who cares? It's a meaningless label you dolt. Try and keep up.

Why not stop while you are behind. Insulting others because you are wrong about something just makes you look like you are a middle schooler. You will get much more respect around admitting you are wrong and not trying to "one up" everyone. Listening to the experts and quoting them instead of trying to act like one goes much further around here. And yeah I do know that, given I have been here since 2004 and had thousands of posts on the earlier iteration of this board in addition to what is posted here. I have seen literally hundreds of posters like you come and go...............

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