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The Race For First... Well Last

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As the Hurricanes season faltered away, I began looking toward the 2013 NHL Draft and all I have to say is, WOW!!! This was a perfect year to tank as there could possibly be up to five elite (and I mean elite) skill level players in this draft.

The Carolina Hurricanes would be currently picking fourth if the current standings held...

1. Colorado Avalanche: 31 points

2. Florida Panthers: 32 points

3. Calgary Flames: 32 points

4. Carolina Hurricanes: 34 points

The Canes have a chance to get the number one pick, but realistically; they will be looking at a pick ranging from two to four. With that said, here are four prospects to keep an eye on.

Defenseman: Seth Jones (consensus number one pick) (NHL Comparison: Alex Pietrangelo)

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This gives me some hope, Panthers just got done tanking for picks... now the hurricanes and bobcats are doing it... so tired of the losing.

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You know its a lottery right? Standings play a huge part but it doesnt mean we'd pick 4th.

Yeah, but much like the NBA Draft the draft usually stays close to the actual standings. If we're going to tank, I want to tank all the way to the top two.

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