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MADDEN 25 (14')

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Slated to be released in August, anyone here have any guesses as to where our players will be ranked?

At the end of the 13' season, here are the notable Panther players ratings and position rankings in parentheses and where I think they will end up starting the season in 14:

Cam Newton: 91 (9th overall) - 2014 (93)

Mike Tolbert: 91 (4th overall) - 2014 (91)

Deangelo Williams: 84 (23rd overall) - 2014 (85)

Jonathan Stewart: 82 (29th overall) - 2014 (85)

Greg Olsen: 85 (9th overall) - 2014 (88)

Steve Smith: 93 (8th overall) - 2014 (94)

Ryan Kalil: 92 (4th overall) - 2014 (94)

Jordan Gross: 92 (10th overall) - 2014 (92)

Luke Kuechly: 86 (12th overall at OLB) - 2014 (90)

Thomas Davis: 79 (27th overall) - 2014 (83)

Jon Beason: 93 (3rd overall) - 2014 (90)

Charles Johnson: 95 (5th overall at RE) - 2014 (95)

Greg Hardy: 87 (9th overall at LE) - 2014 (90)

This is what I found to be off:

After the seasons ended, Jon Beason was ranked the #3 overall MLB with a rating of 93. We'll see where he begins the new season.

Old Pal Chris Gamble finished the season tied for the 6th ranked CB.

Complete rankings here:


Right now the voting for the cover is between Arian Foster vs. Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders vs. Jerry Rice.

I'm thinking this will come down to Jerry Rice vs. Adrian Peterson. I honestly don't know if gamers today ever even saw Jerry Rice play so maybe Adrian Peterson will win.


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just what Peterson needs....come back player of the year last year...Madden curse this year.

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I hate playing with random people online because you get THOSE types that go for it on 4th and 25 and every time they get the first down I want to punch my tv.

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I am so pissed with Madden 13 that I am not sure I want Madden this year. I was fine about CCM but when I received my first update, everything went haywire. I can no lo longer play CCM in offline because the moment I start a game when it gets to the loading screen, it freezes on me. I have not had that problem in previous Maddens.

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Beason, Stewart and Kalil will be cart offs every game bc of their now low injury overreaction(on Kalil at least)

Also they may go passive aggresive on Cam and kill his deep passing.

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They always deduct like 5 points off our players at the start of every season just because. Haters

They have to for the Madden version of the team to play like the real one. During the offseason they rate the players to their potential, but once they start to play and the team still sucks they have to lower everyone.

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