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NFL eases up on restricting crowd noise

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My first thought was, now that this is a rule, kinda, you would make sure everyone obeyed it. Use his own rule against the Man. Now, I am wondering why you even came to mind? Ungrateful cuss. jk

I pledge to hold section 529 accountable

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I speak for all Seahawk fans when I say thank god. We've been sick and tired of being only half as loud as we can be!!!!

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Ive said this countless times but ill repeat it agian... I pride myself on being an obnoxious fan at the games. Ive sat close to the opposing bench many times and have yelled at the players all game, [some respond, some ignore, the best was legarrett blount had to be moved down the bench because i was getting to him too much and he was going to go insane].. i talk poo to opposing fans [nothing violent], and overall i am just loud as i can be. People think that going to a Game is about getting a better seat to watch, but i think going to the game is meant to try and help your team gain an advantage by being the most supportive of the home team and disruptive to the visiting team.

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if you're yelling while the Panthers are on offense, yes, you will be told to shut up.

Example: the fourth down play against Seattle this year. BOA got loud as fug. half cheering, half saying STFU.

Knowing WHEN to be loud is as important as actually being loud.

This is so true. I've stopped saying stfu while on offense. I'd be adding to the noise level no matter what I was saying. Maybe we'll get more "quiet" animations while on offense this year.

Hint: Don't wait for the opposing team to get to the line of scrimmage. Be loud the entire time they're in the huddle. All it takes is one wr/te/rb on the edge of the huddle to not hear the play or snap count correctly and boom! you have a broken play or offsides call.

Only time anyone asked us to not stand was an elderly man behind my son who had trouble getting up & down. So my son continued to stand but leaned into me each time so the man could see. They were like friends by the end of the game.

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